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Bilan never sung with Nelly Furtado


During the execution of the next song on the stage of "Olympic" outrageous diva ... suddenly ran away from the scene in tears.Queen of R & amp; B missing seven minutes, and then, to the great delight of the fans back.

- Excuse me, - he said into the microphone star.- This tour ... it's so exhausting.Sometimes the tour - that's fine, and sometimes - just awful ...


According to the organizers, Nelly was supposed to arrive in the capital on Saturday at two o'clock.Did not work out.Arrivals divas almost broke because of the terrible hurricane, enacted in Europe.

Nelly flew to the Russian capital from Poland, where as part of its world tour just held another concert.Flight delayed, the organizers panicked grabbed his head.As a result, Sweet diva, surrounded by dozens of imposing guards, along with numerous family arrived in the capital of our homeland only on the night of 12 to 13 of July.

exactly 2 am Moscow time on slender legs Nellie stepped on the territory of

the airport Vnukovo-3.Together with the singer admire the beauty of the white stone came her husband and daughter Nevis demo.Additional support team became Furtado's parents - mother and father of Maria Manuela Antonio Jose.


The first thing was to make Nelly Furtado in the capital - is to meet with Dima Bilan.In serving on the same stage star couple was even appointed a compulsory soundcheck.And because of the flight delays Nelly had to be canceled.Because of the inability to rehearse professionally rooms Dima had to hold a concert in the auditorium - as a spectator.

- This force majeure, which we did not expect - shared with the "TD" Bilan's producer Yana Rudkovsky.- Very unexpected and disappointing.

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