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What is the cost to order a star

«Comedy" surpassed "Full House»

So: as one would assume leading positions are now actors from the show "Comedy Club", which has three or fouryears ago, very few people ever heard.And now the guy keeping members of this club comic devotees offered to pay about 15 thousand dollars.Colleagues from "competing" structures are much more modest.For example, representatives of the "blah blah" show "worth" about three thousand per person.The existing KVN can invite 4,000 dollars for one artist.

«Anshlagovtsy" earn too bad.Gennady Vetrov offer "rent" for 5500. Svyatoslav Eshchenko - 6500 green.Jan Arlazorov less than $ 6,500 and amuse agree with difficulty.However, it also as a lead can act as, however, and actor Michael Hrushevsky.You can not say about Iurie Galtsin.That, of course, will cost around 7000, but only for the opportunity to see his performance.Services reportedly leading concert agency, he has almost no.But Sergei Drobotenko "surpassed" Galtseva on the price of five hundred foreign "ru

bles".The leader of "anshlagovskom" chart Elena Sparrow - $ 10,000 - and her legendary phrase, "Well, take me 'you will repeat for a long time.
Julia Bordovskikh not like a wedding?

Classic leading services are somewhat cheaper.I wanted to focus?Hmayak Hakobyan will hold a party and would get the coin, and not only out of your ear for $ 3,500.Legendary Vladimir Berezin say "Good evening" on the stage of the $ 3,500.However, conducting wedding ceremonies are not particularly welcomed.For the same amount you can invite to the corporate and not less legendary Angelina Vovk.

See Julia Bordovskikh already proposed for 4500 y.e. However, again, marked "all but weddings."For some reason, also refused to contemplate the new husband and wife actor and presenter Igor Wernick.Carry out anything except the wedding, he is ready for 7000 dollars.

representatives concert agency offers to see on your corporate parties leading Aurora for 4500 y.e. Moreover, she did not hesitate to say "bitter" as a professional toastmaster at a wedding.The same situation with the newly-mom presenter Dana Borisova.However, for a wide range of activities it takes for nearly 5000 representative "OSP-Studio" Sergei Belogolovtsev hold a party in a humorous vein in about the same amount.But Larisa Verbitskaya decorate any party other than the wedding for $ 4,500.But, as they say, two in one: beauty and intelligence - also proposed maintaining the English language.

Cheaper Century 15,000 Will not see

But the most popular media persons are, as they say, separately.And for the opportunity to invite them to have to shell out a tidy sum indeed.Thus, according to rumors, for to see at ourselves as a leading Fyodor Bondarchuk will have to dump as much as $ 10,000.Notorious Paul Will say something sparkling or even sing around 15,000 conventional units.Singer Christina Aguilera can speak for the 20,000 Singer Filipp Kirkorov gives concerts in the middle of the 50000. However, they say, corporate parties are not welcome.Well, apart from the competition, of course, it is already practically spouse main Diva country Maxim Galkin.The cost of his performance can reach up to 65,000 cu ...that is, the entire budget in one party ... As for the creative activity of the mega-star Alla Pugacheva, where history is silent.Because the question is not how much, and whether she wants to?

Note .: material is based on information provided by the concert agencies


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