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Jolie and Thornton - together again?

According, in his interview with «Maxim», 52-year-old actor and winner of the "Oscar" for writing the script for the film "Sling Blade» (Sling Blade, 1996), admitted: "We have a lot of itsaid.I am sure that we will get down to such a project, that's just his choice should be taken carefully.It might be a comedy. "However, Thornton said they are not looking for a scenario in which will have to play a husband and wife."We do not want to play a married couple, it probably is not a good idea" - he said.

The film "Pushing Tin" he got the role of spouses.According to the plot between the two air traffic controllers - Nick Falzone, ace in the business, and rookie Russell Bell - there is fierce competition, which brings problems in their work and personal lives.

director Mike Newell was the picture, and with already marked actors took part in the film John Cusack and Kate Blanchett.

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