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Zara married a Moscow businessman

- Yes, I'm married - open up with "TD" singer.- So it seems preordained: I fall in love in one Sergei.Hopefully this will be my one and only, the last and favorite!


win the heart of beautiful Zara for an employee of the Moscow government apparatus Sergei Ivanov was not an easy task.Inspired by the officer fell in love with the singer at first sight when he saw her still at the scene.

- two years I sought her love, - says Sergey Ivanov.- It is a rarity these days - a girl is now as fast.It

Ivanov helped the singer to go through a divorce from Sergei Matvienko.Recall with the son of the governor of St. Petersburg artist lived for only two months.In autumn 2006, a deputy finally dared to propose to her.However, while Zara has rejected the hand and heart of a businessman, saying he was going to immerse themselves in the work ...

By choosing a wedding dress Zara came with great responsibility - along chose a few months.

- board on which she laid eyes on are EUR 200 000 each - smilin

g assistant singer.- The price is high, and do not want to make the wrong choice.

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