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Anna Slyn'ko "series - this is just a way to show the history"

If you have no experience - refers to his hero with irony.I do not Varya positive, it is far from ideal, and we do not create ideals, some sort of traditional heroes.All of us normal people, we have thousands of flaws that give each person unique.Despite the fact that Varya has long been a lonely woman who raised her son alone - that does not make her a heroine, but flawed woman, too.It was interesting to play a normal woman.

Then let's go back to the beginning of the film.At first she was a figure skater, and even the script called "SkaterĀ»
I read the entire script, and immediately realized that it would be only part of the story.

For this part you played a role?You once tried to understand it as a skater?
Yes, of course.Firstly, it is my acting work.I bought a book for a long time all studied.I was curious to see what this time has been in the sports world.I was still very young, did not see anything and did not know.I was interested to learn about these great men, and in general of the Sovi

et sports than he had been famous.This too is part of the actor's work.

How skating skills acquired?
I had a coach - Elena Shkirya.I said to her once - teach me everything: how to hold back, what look to be at the skater, so I was like at least the upper part.I knew that I would not in the life of an athlete, but I had to show the audience what it - skater.I enjoyed the training with Lena.I can not say about it - it is a very creative person, it helped me.We had come to the rink this morning, the two die - sleepy, but after playing just as good getting - the power is on the rise.At night I went to a public skating to work out all the skills.On the ice around in the mixer 30.I got up in the center and learned to ride back.And I remember - at 1:25 the night, I went back.True!It is know as the opening - you could not, could not, and suddenly something misfit.I'm standing on skates when I was five years old.In approving this role, I was asked: do you know how to skate?Of course I said "yes."And there was serious work.Schedule of the day was like this: an ice rink, a rehearsal at the theater, ice rink, and then play.

But skater as such I did not play, she is interrupted career.We paid attention to, first of all, the relationship between people.In 17 years, my character was in a situation where she had to start a new life, away from the sport.It was very difficult, we need someone to help, someone's shoulder.She has, thank God, was there such a person, then it has grown in a more profound sense.

How, by the way, you know that kind of love?That through his life?
I do not know.I believe in many things.But I do not know yet.Anything can happen.We still even first love can not forget.

it was easier and more interesting to play - seventeen year old girl or a grown woman?You are still not in fact in any other age?
Yes, I'm in the middle.Quietly he passed 25 years in the gap of these two stories (laughs).In fact, interested in everything.In the first case you try something that has already gone through, and in the second you try this yourself, what you would like to show themselves to the audience.What can you be such, not just the child.I found for myself the key is how to play a 32-year-old.Even in the most serious situations, people can see the irony, so no need to direct excessive seriousness.

You career had such serious milestones as "20 cigarettes" and the prize for "Best Actress" at the International Film Festival in Spain, and now the series is not afraid?
No, absolutely not afraid.Firstly, it is a very rich material.Time such noble themes - sports, love.There is no poshlyatiny.I do not belong to this project as a TV series.This is just a way to show history.Here, too, has its advantages - you realize that you have to develop the role.There is constant work on yourself.

How do you manage to combine this work with life in Moscow in St. Petersburg?
forces are not unlimited, sometimes you need to rest, to give the body a timeout.I've now come from Italy, just relax the soul.I even phone for a week in the safe closed and did not touch.And Peter simple.I'm used to the trains, I have my own arsenal - blindfold, earplugs.For people who travel infrequently, the train - it's an adventure, the road.They sit, eat, talk, and for me it is like a house - come, brushed her teeth, washed and sleep.Later at the station I give myself up.Train - this is my second home, I already know how to live there.I do love the way.And when you come to shooting, forget all these difficulties.There is support, real human relationships.

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