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important for you to rest - it is a good company or comfort?
The main thing that was not the ballet itself.(Laughs.) The rest is not so important.

happens in clubs, discos?
No, in any case.Everything related motion - is not rest.I and so all his life on the move.And then, for me, the clubs - it's too noisy.

R'n'By ever tried to dance?

No.I very rarely want to move himself.I have to take care of their locomotion.

And it would be interesting to see ...
Well, we danced the rumba Zavorotnyuk in the New Year show.In my opinion, having fun.(Laughs.)

And there is a dance that you can not and you do not understand why

No, this can not be.I am a professional person, I can teach anything in my area.If it is necessary - I will learn.

look at your well-worn shoes, in which you came, and
think: you're probably grow to things, and you feel sorry for them to throw out?

I just love the worn-shoes, because I have all the time somewhere in corn, a bruise, etc.My friend once threw my shoes, and I c

ried and cried, "They're my favorite, the most broken-down, so it is convenient to them, they will get any socks!"For me, the shoes should be, above all, com- fortable.There are people who love designer shoes, but for me what they stamp down, the better.This is the scene I like to go out in the new, to any spot on them was not.

you'd go boots.Do you have those?

I had the Cossacks, I bought them in Texas.I wore them long enough.Then I buy them super-puperskuyu jacket - it was at a time when the skin has been in vogue.Tight jeans, boots, and this jacket - all together looked so beautiful that people turned around!However, I have a hundred years did not wear this.

Do you have any item of clothing, which is characteristic only for you?
I love sweaters, cardigans.In the words of one of my colleague, blouses does not happen much.And my friends often scold me: "Well, again, you're jacket!"I do not like suits, because my mother 18 years did not let me into the theater without a tie and shirt.And I hated it wildly!I remember I was 16, we came to the theater of the class, and my friend said: "If, well, look, all dressed decently, all wearing jeans. Do you like blue stocking, back in a tie and a suit!"I felt so sad that when I came home, I took off my suit, my mother's eyes tore his jacket, cut the tie and said, "I never not wear it!"House has been a revolution.My mother scolded me because the suit was by Pierre Cardin, at the time something unthinkable!Now I remember and think he was wrong.But even in jeans to the theater can not walk.Of course, if you do not work there.

And you did not offer to become a model?
I offered Vivienne Westwood.I once in New York, participated in her show as a guest.When measured the dress, she gathered all her fashion house!After fitting Vivian said, "You have such appearance! Why do you ballet? You should be a model."I was then 25 years old, and I said, "I'm too old for this."And she says: "No, you still can."On and dispersed.By the way, it gave me a whole look, where I went.Shirt, I remember, was worth so much that the first thing I thought, 'this could never buy! "But we were told in advance that the one who is most like her, she will give.And this man turned out to be me!It was very nice ... Actually Vivienne Westwood - amazing!He dresses like as funny, but actually - very nice.

sometimes you do want to look ridiculous?
I do not know.I love to have fun, to joke, but I have no such ... shocking.Age is not the same.Although I keep something like that do, for what I then scolded friends.They say: "You occupy a position, not ashamed to behave this way?"Therefore, I always think, "That did not abuse - it is better not to do it."(Laughs.)

And you see yourself behind the wheel of a respectable car, for example?
No, I do not know how to drive.I do not want.I well drive a four-wheeled scooter and large motorbike - but where there are no people and machines.And in a city I do not understand the principle of driving.These blonde in smart cars, which are at the same time talking on the phone and paint your nails, I zhayut irritation.I want to just get a gun and shoot!As drivers dodge them ?!I always think: Now, if I was driving now would be an accident.Why do I need it?

And how do you in the subway?

In the subway I have not ride.I have friends presented the car with the driver, so ...

Listen and who your friends are?
Although, to be honest, I was more interested in women ...
All of the women with whom I talk, smart, self-sufficient and beautiful - both externally and internally.I was lucky.I am surrounded by really smart woman.

You once said that when they came to the Bolshoi Theater, he immediately realized that this noble institution scoundrels.Now just you think?
Well, it has long been ... In fact, in any theater of human vices in sight.They are everywhere: at the office and at the office.But in the theater it's all in a special naked because there is a constant struggle for the role.

Despite the fact that the bulk of the theater - a woman?
not true.An equal number of men and women.Just men, usually with a female character - that scary!But there's nothing pode- barking.If so you have come to the ballet, you have to take things as they are and try to survive in this.

But you are not a schemer?

As it is not an intriguer ?!The real!I'm the same as all of the same meat is done.In the theater, there is no neintriganov - they simply do not survive are lost.And I do not give people sit down on my head, I'm getting ahead of them.Therefore, still alive.And so you're talking to me and not to someone else.I'm just a kid who came from a simple family in one of the most exclusive institutions of the Soviet Union - Ballet School - and it was the best student.And then came the most important theater in the country and became the artist-hero.And without cronyism, without constraints, without anything!Because in addition to the ideal ability and fortune I still have an iron character.Otherwise, nothing would happen.

And you mind moving ...
Yes.And fast response.

Specifications Nikolai Tsiskaridze ...
(Laughs.) In use, I very simple.Do not stand under the boom, do not run on a train traveling at you and so on.I always warn you: I will treat you the way you behave with me.I do not like boors, aggression in any form.I am very easy to provoke a response, and then - hold on!I'm emotionally very fast flash.

Let us then it is better for women.
A friend of mine says Georgians that overly active woman - the worst creature in the world

Well, it depends on what role you this woman tries.

assume the role of a friend.
Then it must be active.Otherwise uninteresting.I do not like inactive people neshalovlivyh children because they do not know what to expect from them.And when a person is fully manifested, and then communicate the joy.Tikhon boring.

And if you consider the woman as the mother of your children, it is what should be?
I do not know about it, I thought.

So you do not see yourself as a father?
No, I see, just thinking about the family is not willing.I've been doing them, I have a period of selfishness.Actually, not themselves, and work ...

What do you think, how will you dad?
Stern likely.I do not know of any other treatment.My parents were also very strict.I grew up, we can say in an iron grip.

And while you're at the Choreographic School immediately became a leader?
Yes.Because I was still in school all set an example.I immediately became a disciple of the first class.And when he entered the school, then we are constantly led to foreigners and I have always shown to all presidents, queens, princesses.All me something gave, all stroked my head and said, "Oh, what a boy!"I loved it madly.You know, when I was little, I thought I was very ugly.I had a real complex about it.Me no one admired, but then - at school and at school - has become another way: I admired it.This greatly strengthened me.

Do you often look in the mirror?
infrequently.For me the most important thing is that I feel good about yourself when you exit the stage.In the life of me, as a rule, anyway.Scene - the main thing.When before the performance I paint makeup artist, every time I say, "Lena, mind you, I must be the most beautiful today!"

You once said that you are much more mundane than a professional ...
I am very worldly man, really.Love does not work, do household chores.If there is the slightest second, when I can not engage in the profession, I use it to the fullest.

On stage there are times when you want to drop everything and go away?
No.On stage, I have no right to break.I can not afford to show the audience that I have something wrong.And most importantly, I can not fall face in the dirt in front of colleagues.They must not know that I had some bad luck.Never, you know ?!Because very few people will sympathize with you - on the contrary, the majority rejoice.This applies not only to the theater or the ballet, it is generally the case.

you like potatoes and white bread?
Why do you ask?This is my favorite food!It is nourishing, tasty, there is a lot of oil.Super!

And you pay for the apartment?
No.There are people who help me.I generally try to live easily.This, by the way, and the scenes involved.If viewers have come to the room and see that you're making a hard physical labor, they just get bored.They also have to then say, "Well, he was, like, jumping around the stage, runs ... So everyone can!"This is the highest praise in the ballet!So you actually managed to give a feeling of unreal ease on stage.

And you have no one in the audience could not pin down?Here, for example, you know that such a person is sitting in the hall, and the worst of this dance ...
This happens if the audience - my teacher.I have a high school teacher, whom I love very much and which I produced.And children's fear of it I was.When he comes, I am very worried.

Where would you have been good to live and work, but in Russia?
I do not want anything else: Moscow - and all!Moscow There is nothing more fun in the world.

And you could be someone else?
I still would have become an artist - in the broadest sense of the word.He came to the theater to work lighter, artist or someone else.I really like the action itself.

actors do not see yourself?
Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.But while I'm not going.The movie has its own mafia.

There have any feature that you would like to change?
Yes.I have a very wicked tongue.I can so otshit that will not find it.I really struggled with this for a long time inside.Now sometimes I manage to keep quiet, but still rare, unfortunately.That's my only awful hell.Silence is golden.When I usvoyu, everything will be all good.

And in the theater you can say about someone unpleasant thing for the eyes?
If I say something for the eyes, I can say it in his eyes.I was raised.In general, many of me just for that and do not like - I'm talking on the forehead.Musi-Pusey - it's interesting and very long.There is a poem by Boris Zakhoder, I have learned a little of his "truth make long and lie to - have a long, long, long, very long, endlessly have to lie. It is better not to waste time."

and gets close to you?
No.Since I live close by Okudzhava song: "Let's talk to each other compliments."People that I treasure, I always say a warm, sincere, pleasant words.After all, this is so little in this world.

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