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"Last night" Night with Keira Knightley

While he is at a crossroads and decides to reveal the truth or leave things behind the scenes, his wife encounters her old love, and - while not near a cat, mouse, fun.

is not yet clear who gets to play in this love square, but in terms of, of Knightley and Cannes-screen option would leave a good married couple, and the role of the rival in love came to Mendes and Worthington - his first chance to play infilm where no weapons, aliens, robots, or screaming Christian Bale.Maybe all twisted and is completely different - time will tell.

probably know until that one - for a director with a sonorous name Massey Tadedin this is the first film shot in the handwritten script.Her talent as a writer we also owe the appearance of the painting «Wednesday», which plans to remove Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

work on a film with Keira Knightley will begin next month in New York.Solid financial support is provided by the company Gaumont.