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Anfisa Chekhov: "When I was like a match, the producers did not notice"

- Anfisa on what lose weight?How many kilograms?And when all began to struggle with the weight?
- Beginning at school, in the last classes, it was in me then 72 kg.For a long time, I lost weight on their own, without a nutritionist, decided to drink Thai tablets.Two months they took, lost 25 kg.I began to weigh 52 kg, height 165 cm. But to repeat my experience do not advise anyone.Tablets - a monstrous thing.When I finally got the chance to apply to a dietitian, and he heard about them, I said that the usual diet on the body, over which thus mocked, do not really work.Besides Thai tablets whatnot was ... Well, I have lost weight and kept the weight of the year.Nothing almost did not eat, like a bird pecking, no supper at all.In the evening, I go to the store and wandered between the shelves, choosing what I will eat breakfast.It was terrible.I wanted everything, but nothing is impossible.And just the fact that it is impossible, and go in cycles.Never before eating grapes, but as soon as she learned

that losing weight it is necessary to eat less, so immediately I fell in love.I dreamed of forbidden foods!I dreamed it like a donut, buttered! ..

- you with the emotional stress convey the experience of losing weight ...
- My mother is obese - a child.I watched as she suffered.How I starved for months, lying in hospitals - that only was doing.And I, too, could go on her way.The tendency to be overweight had a child, a teenager, she became obvious.And it had to be corrected because society demanded from me to be skinny.

- ... So you dropped 25 kg of Thai tablets a year to support the weight, and then ...
- And then there was bulimia.Quit Smoking - started.She ate everything, and what I do not like: pizza, mayonnaise, potatoes, pasta.As if to spite a stuffing!Waiting for the food slightly, throat, go down, and then went into the kitchen.It was impossible to stop.In three weeks, I won back all the lost 25 kg and above.

- so confidently say that you had bulimia ...
- Yes, that was it, I was diagnosed.For a whole year I limit myself: for breakfast - bread with jam with sweetener, for lunch - eggplants with tomatoes for dinner - nothing!And the body took revenge for all foregone.After three weeks I experienced terror.Because a year get used to living in a different weight and morale because so much effort spent all wasted!Scary to think how they would have to drop weight.Understands: forces to repeat not, and ate.Ela and hated myself for what I eat, and from this self-hatred ate more ...

PRAGUE, fainting, and Montignac

- Then you made another attempt to lose weight?
- After the "this" I lived myself quietly.I realized that for the second time because I do not want to lose weight, I need to read books on nutrition.And it seemed very logical explanation Michel Montignac.Follow its power system was not difficult: are allowed, even sweets - simply combine them with those with which it is not necessary, and all.I have long existed on the Montignac, about a year.Thanks to him, stopped to put itself bans - because any one of them to me fraught with terrible disruption, and even began to think about what it.After all, we often eat mindlessly.Taught as a child to smear the bread with butter - that's smear life.A bread without butter has its own flavor, and it is not worse than that of oil.Then I ceased to love mayonnaise, pastries, cakes, because to understand what they are and how they affect weight."Do you want some cake?- She told herself.- Please.But you know what's inside?The butter and sugar.You want tablespoons butter in your mouth send?No.And eating a cake, you're exactly what you're doing.You want to chew sugar?Imagine how he squeaks on the teeth? "And when disassembled before the delicious food for me in the components, I realized that most of them do not want.But there's food, from which it is difficult to refuse.I love all the salt, can not live without sauerkraut, gherkins.Unfortunately or fortunately, not yet found in any book that is somehow very harmful for the body.And I have it periodically so requires salt, it is ready to end the world, even at night, go for cucumbers.

- So, you've read the book, lived Montignac, and you began to leave the weight?
- No, I have started to drop weight for another reason.Due to the stress.I had a difficult personal relationships - that every day, the problem.So I lit another cigarette.Worried, smoking, lost weight and other problems began - with the vessels.I began to faint.And so it grew thin, not paying attention to diet, two or three ...

- And then the stress is over and once again there was a weight gain?
- And then again I quit smoking.It had to be done because many could already be in the public fall into a swoon!I quit smoking, and weight then "moved".I tried to control it, do not drink alcohol, eat carrots, everything was fine, but the New Year went to Prague for four days.The jeans, which went there on the way back is not climbed.Weight went up, and both went!While not relaxing, not much to eat.I had the same diet as before, but without the cigarette, he immediately called the raise.
addressed to the doctor and he explained everything.Smoking - stress to the body, and to fight it we spend power-calorie.And when you stop smoking, your body has nowhere to go unspent calories and weight gain occurs.We'll have to wait, the doctor said, you just quit smoking, from six months to two years of restructuring will go ... And I have recovered and I could not lose weight at all.And then it began.And Dr. Volkov, and diet at home, and pills.

before the closed door

- you began to drink again "pohudatelnye" tablet?
- Yes.I was scared.Nothing helped.Weight did not go to any, of anything.And these pills many stars lose weight while they were fashionable.But I took them for long, only a week.When they began to look around on the street, only to fear and realized that these pills act on the psyche, at once threw their drinks.And all of this: on tablets, Volkov, diet home - dropped from the force of 2-3 kg.Then I decided that if something is not given, there is no need to knock on the closed door.So it was no accident.It is necessary to understand something in your life and change.

- What did you do with the "closed door"?
- Each day began to learn to accept yourself for what it is.I say to yourself, "Well recovered, well, not out weight, but on the other hand ... In his personal life this is the way?Nothing.You also love.Well, two or three years you lived being 10-15 kg slimmer than it is now.I was happy about that?No.Then what pace yourself, to mock me?Go the other way, live on, find the pluses in the state in staying. "I began to look for the pros and found them so much that now is not eager to do something with your weight.
The funny thing is that the society in which I was spinning and spinning (GITIS, television, show business), has always demanded from me to lose weight.But what I wanted out of life, I have achieved, not dropping weight.And I walked the corridors of Ostankino skinny like a match, it was useless.Here's a paradox.

- In the corridors of the television theme slimming diets actively discussed?
- Now it is fashionable "chip" - to sit on a diet.Come to order cake and happily eat - a shame.You must select lettuce and telling everyone: "Oh, I have a 2 kg extra", with their longing to chew.That's really what never say in a restaurant, so it: "Oh, I can not, I'm on a diet!" Just ask, what it consists of dishes, and place an order, no straining.While choosing when, for example, sitting on a diet Volkov, it was very difficult.By the way, all the men who went with me to the restaurant, always said, "Oh, Anfisa, how do you eat tasty!"

- What tactics do you practice the banquet?
- I do not eat at the buffet.I do not like to push in line for food.In addition, as a child, when birthdays come to the table, he is sure to find a classmate who cried: "Again she eats!" Any other passed by, but when I go ... So all recaptured the desire to go to parties.If we go, then I have dinner to a buffet as usual, but there is not that I drink a glass of wine.No more - not to arouse the appetite.But you do not have to go with this dish, think about where to stick it, plus there will be more opportunities to communicate with people.

- When you have guests on other people's programs, talk shows, hardly anyone is restrained from comments to the figures.You keep good punch - or able to always come with time?
- Since my childhood I used to be like everyone else, and certainly take a punch was to learn.When someone is trying to hurt you, it is as if in an invisible target throwing invisible darts and realizes that he was only on the human response.I twitched?So hit, we will throw next.So the main thing - do not twitch.Yes, such a figure, and now what?Say that a woman with a big booty can not be loved?This is nonsense.If I am, you are concerned about?No.Me too.

- your ideal weight?
- 60 kg.When I weigh so much, I can not strain it and go in for sports, as always.Normal weight fluctuations - plus or minus 2 kg.

- The dynamics of the changes taking place with the figure, the most accurate representation does not provide the balance and centimeter.You often shoot volumes?
- For me regularly sew costumes.

- And what are they, volumes?
- I have a bad memory for numbers, so remember them as follows: 90-60-90 plus 10 for each.

- absolutely proportional figure - what else do you say?Ideal as an hourglass!A project of "Dancing with the Stars" has led to some changes in the volume?
- Can not say that I'm crazy thin, but tightened and invigorated.And earlier, to "dance", did not have time to wake up, as already tired.

- Plasticity you by nature, or you do the choreography?
- (With a huge grain of salt.) Do you think that I have is plastic?

- be able to dance professionally - is one thing, but to be plastic - another.I watched you during the "general constructions" on "Dancing with the Stars."Among other when Anfisa Chekhov was not the focus of the judges and the audience, she moved more relaxed and more confident ...
- As a child, she studied at the School of aesthetic education.We had a lesson in plastic, and the teacher sent me to the farthest corner and in general did not know what to do with me.She is a former ballet dancer, all my life did not allow herself to get better, and then a big baby.I was for her like a red rag to a bull.She plays, she has some ambitions are trying to implement in the school, and before the eyes looms did not fit into the standard figure - that is me.She cried that girl, "Where did you go, a cow ?!"

- "good" woman ...
- So I hated lessons plastics and since I hate to dance.Like many people, I can only develop in an atmosphere of love.The only child in the family, my childhood all loved.When I told what I done and praised grew.When at me because of something shouted, generally ceased to be interested.And when the teacher began to shout at me, clearly decided, I can not dance and I will not meddle in it.Therefore, when invited to take part in the project, the first impulse was to refuse.
More recently underwent surgery sick leg, plus can not dance.But then I thought, if I'm afraid if I was so notorious, it is necessary, on the contrary, to go out and try at least to prove to myself that something can.

- Have you ever turned to a psychologist?
- Addressed.

- they helped you?
- Yes.They learn to see the target.For example, if you want to lose weight, but in dreams imagine yourself for who you are now, you will not grow thin.We need to see his goal - yourself thin.

- Few slimming refers to a psychologist.How dare you to this?
- I went to the doctor to solve other problems with weight are not related.In parallel, I learned many interesting things.Very often, for example, a woman complains that she wanted to lose weight to find their man, but can not get rid of completeness.But if you delve into the psychology, it turns out that this woman really does not want anyone to find.She is afraid of a serious relationship, and because her head is a logical connection "until I'm fat, I will not be anyone", she not losing weight.Fear disappointed in someone, to find the man who then left you, very often pushes the girl to the fullest.

- This is all you need psychologists explained?
- and psychology, and psychology books that I read led me to believe that often the fullness - the result of human thinking.And very often it is beneficial to him.

- How the body may be beneficial?
- A man without flaws have no incentive to develop.Slim and pumped high handsome and so will love - just for the fact that nature gave him.A man of small stature, but still plump, will have to achieve success, make money, develop a sense of humor, otherwise it will peck, no sense of humor somewhere.So the fullness helps us to grow, it makes us look for the strengths of and implemented in those areas where we are strong.For some it is a profession for someone or family relationships with people.You agree that among overweight people are much more kind and calm than in the lean.Let us the nature of something and nedodala compared with those who have the ideal figure, instead she gave us another.The ability to cultivate other qualities and "hide" them tendency to gain weight or herself.


Anfisa Chekhov convinced that they are harmful to health and are always accompanied by restrictions, and where prohibited, there is a breakdown."Diet" in the understanding of the stars - is balanced on diet and its menu every day looks like.

Breakfast .Be sure to carbohydrates - bread or whole grain bread with jam with fructose, or yogurt with granola or oatmeal or any other cereal.Another option - low-fat cottage cheese with honey and grapefruit.Anfisa loves cheese cakes, preparing them without sugar, but rarely, because they need to fry.

Lunch .If it happens at home, the TV presenter is preparing something on the grill.If the "on the road", the orders in a restaurant soup and salad or soup and the second - a portion of meat or fish with vegetables.The first - always.Anfisa loves soups: sorrel, soup, broth.

Dinner .The maximum that can eat - fruit.Supper meat or fish it does not want.