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Warlock and Svetikova sing in the rock opera "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta"

invited to play at the famous cultural figures and show business, representatives of the embassies of Chile, Venezuela, Mexico - those countries which are planned tour of the play.A new production of the rock opera will visit an old friend of Alexei Rybnikov Pierre Cardin, which conceived a joint project.

Music - Alexei Rybnikov
Libretto - Pavel Grushko
Director - Alexander Rykhlov
Choreographer - Jeanne Shmakov
scenography - Theodore Tezhik
Costumes - Nat Tezhik

Starring: Dmitry Koldun (Joaquin Murrieta),
Svetlana Svetikova (Teresa),
Igor Sandler (Death).

The play involved a rock band by Dmitry Chetvergova

From the history of the rock opera

In the mid-70s, Mark Zakharov introduced with a libretto by Alexei Rybnikov, and offered to write music for the play.In 1976 he held a triumphal premiere of the rock opera "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta" in the Moscow Theater of the Lenin Komsomol.Joaquin played Alexander Abdulov, Teresa - Lyudmila Matyushina Death - Nikolay Karachentsov.

staging waited phenomenal success.The play was in Lenkom 18 1050 time he played not only in the theater, but also in stadiums, they were taken on tours abroad.Released in 1978 double album "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta" took 1st place in the hit parade of the best recordings.In 1979 Alexei Rybnikov was voted All-Union hit parade of the most popular composer of the year.In 1985, the screens out the feature film of the same name directed by Vladimir Grammatikova.

about the modern version of the rock opera creators

interpret the story of the play as the eternal story of good versus evil, the eternal story of love, passion and hatred.What happened in California 150 years ago, true today - people come to a foreign country in search of work and a better life, go through the humiliation faced xenophobia ...

It is a long history of glorious robber, fearless and fair Joaquin (Dmitry Koldun).He went on a long journey, hoping to find love, wealth and happiness.Human malice destroyed love, gold turns to dust, the dream of happiness drowning in rivers of blood.Joaquin pays for insulted honor and death of his beloved (Svetlana Svetikova) and turns into a cruel avenger, managed Death itself.

scene will be deployed along the diagonal 45 degrees: its lower right edge of the "looks" at the viewer.In the center - the band Dmitry Chetvergova.Along the way the audience will see the shore of the ocean, the desert.Theodore Tezhik set on stage two of the volcano with a height of 3-storey house.In the finals will happen now, "eruption".

All costumes - and there are more than 50 - were created by hand, and work on them was carried out nearly two years.

the first time in the history of such productions on the head of the actor playing the role of Death (Igor Sandler) is installed a video camera whose image will be projected on the big screen.Thus, viewers will be able to see the action as if "from within", through the eyes of the artist.