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Use lovage for the treatment of various diseases

I'm sure many have heard that before young children bathed it in the broth of herbs.And it's not just.Lovage is not only a pleasant spicy scent, but also a beneficial effect on the skin, relieves irritation and heals small wounds.

Today we'll show you what properties this herb and how it is used in folk medicine.

Medicinal properties

  • Our ancestors took the means of the roots of lovage, to cope with the dropsy.
  • While many countries lovage included in the official list of medicines our traditional medicine does not adhere to this trend.Nevertheless, decoctions of plants help to cope with the diseases of internal organs, and establish a process of digestion.
  • good grass reduces swelling, fights against anorexia and normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  • folk medicine specialists recommend taking it to the people who suffer from rheumatism and kidney disease.Some even believe that the decoction of lovage can remove the feeling of fullness and eliminate belching.
  • For external use of medicinal plants prepare
    d compresses to quickly heal festering wounds and ulcers.
  • Not without feminine beauty.To make the hair more shiny and silky, special tincture is rubbed into the scalp.

Medicinal properties of lovage, prescriptions and indications for use.

Terms harvest

to prepare their own any folk remedy, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of experts.The most frequently used root of the plant to be digging in late autumn, when there are no flowers.Prior to that, the roots are considered poisonous.

But in the course are not only part of the underground.Fresh leaves applied to the head to relieve the pain, the young stems give chew children to save them from the worms, and the dried leaves are added to tea.

Important!During the preparation of any broth or infusion never bring it back to a liquid or lovage leaves to a boil.

few recipes most effective drugs

hair loss

Two teaspoons dried minced root steamed in a thermos, raw Gulf cup boiling water.Means should be left for five hours, and then cooled, drain and rub into the scalp.

Wash better clean hot water after brushing your hair with egg yolk.

Several recipes of the most effective drugs lovage


To increase sexual activity, alcohol tincture prepare lovage.Two teaspoons of root (better if they are fresh) Pour a bottle of vodka or alcohol (500 mL), and insist in a sealed glass container for two months.

Take recommended for dessert spoon after seven o'clock in the evening.


You can make a compress, or simply make a paste of the leaves to relieve swelling.But those who constantly suffers from this disease, you should prepare a tool for internal use.

The effectiveness of lovage in the treatment of edema.

tablespoon leaves boiled water and give the brew in a thermos for three hours, and then cooled.Should take a tablespoon of half an hour before receiving pischi.Poskolku lovage can enhance blood flow, it can not be used during heavy menstruation, uterine bleeding and hemorrhoids.Pregnancy is also in the list of contraindications.

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