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Barbra Streisand - unformatted An asterisk

She was born in Brooklyn in 1942 Prel.From birth, the red-haired girl was too vociferous, too noisy.For it is most appropriate definition of "too much."Barbra was not beautiful.This fact confused anyone, but not her.Thanks to the amazing voice, she successfully pool in the school choir, but the songs were for her only one way to be alive, as air.In 14 years, Barbra wanted to get more than what itself went into her hands.It was then that she began to attend a theatrical circle, though, with its good looks and starring brilliant prospects seemed inaccessible.

ugly Jew accustomed to achieving everything by herself.As a child, she did not get support from their parents.Her own father died early, and his mother, published re-married, spend more time with the youngest daughter and her new husband than Barbra.Their lives were hard, the lack of money turns ordinary stuff in luxury.Despite this, Barbra managed to combine part-time work to succeed in school and won singing competitions.She was stubborn and a year
after graduating from high school was on the Broadway stage.

very fact that from the outset she had little chance to do better than the career of provincial canary, use all reserves helped to achieve the goal.She confidently overcome any obstacles, breaking stereotypes.Yes, a Jew, yes, from a poor family, but not beautiful, but infinitely talented, she became the subject of role models.Already in 1963 she released her first album, "The Barbra Streisand Album", which earned her two awards "Grammy."
In the same year, the authoritative theater critics noted its brilliant game in the musical, "I'll get it to you wholesale", handed her another award.This was a recognition that brought Barbra new roles and popularity.

following were years of fruitful work.None of the existing magazines of America did not pass his attention aspiring actress.Interview with Barbra went to «Time», «Life», «Cosmopolitan».And in 1968 she appeared on television, starring in Hollywood kinomyuzikle "Funny Girl."This debut brought her "Oscar" and the award "Golden Globe", and the audience had the opportunity to see the beauty of the unformatted appearance.
when Barbra was not yet thirty, she has become the most successful actress of the decade, he received the award "Tony".

Life Barbra was not so easy.She married back in 1963 for actor Elliott Gould.This marriage brought her a lot of disappointments and only son Jason.The actress was not able to spend enough time with his son, all the forces engaged in the work.So it was that Jason was the gay and Barbra began to participate in his life, only 25 years after his birth.Since then, she has become an active participant in the gay rights movement.
Among her lovers were well-known people, millionaires, politicians, and even rumor attributed due to the president.The second time Barbra decided to marry only in the 56 years of the director and producer James Brolin.

Her artistic career has brought her to dozens of the most prestigious awards.Movies seё participation were doomed to success, many of its wheels became platinum and multiplatinum.But other than that Barbra always leaves room for improvement.She watched her figure, trying to live a healthy lifestyle and sports.Barbra Streisand is in many organizations, AIDS, violence, helping not only vigorous activity, but also funding many projects aimed at improving the quality of life of those in need.Now the actress
65, she appears on stage, not in films and produces new drives, but fans of her talent around the world are confident that their favorite yet declare itself and its return to the stage will be another triumph of this talented woman.

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