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Ex-Viagra Anya Sedokova: Do not pander to men and pathetic!

- easy divorce does not happen.My divorce was also very difficult - says Anna.- When you have kids, this is the most difficult.I think in any parting blame two people.Someone did not go to meet someone went in the other direction.I am in my life has gone through the most terrible word - "treason."And passes through a long period of time.

At some point I realized that my marriage has burst like a soap bubble.Probably, I came up with it myself.But life is much tougher.

Valentin is now living with a woman with whom he lived before me and after me during me.I do not blame him and not say who is bad.Just one person is good in one place, the second - in the other.It's his life.I respect his right.And we with my daughter too well.But for me it was a tough story.

- How did you know about the betrayal?

- feel that my husband is someone.And then he began to linger, sometimes spent the night at home.I packed up and went with my daughter.

- So you threw her husband?

- Well, how am I?If a person meets an

other woman while his wife and daughter?That I went, or what?I said, "So you can not live."He says, "Then let's divorce."

- husband tried to keep the family together?

- tried, returned to us with a daughter.We tried to come back.But nothing happened.

I let him go and said, "Okay."A person can not hold if the second wants to leave.Stupidity is that you can keep a man child or something else.He will leave sooner or later.He returned a month after the divorce ... I propose once again to sign.I refused.

... It was very nasty, there was a feeling that you betrayed exchanged.But I do not want him to return.Because I'm very good now.

Now I have the experience and I know that broken cup does not stick together.When you pour into it vodichku she keeps.And when kipyatochek, it still pops.It was possible to pretend that I did not see it, do not know, wait, be quiet.But there is a brilliant expression of Schopenhauer: "reconcile with the man and renew the interrupted friendship - is a weakness, which will have to repent when he at the first event to do the same, which was the cause of the break."

Believe me, it is better to start a new life, which I did.

- For you, betrayal and treachery - two different things?

- I think the same thing.Treason is not a betrayal if the two agree to it.

Unfortunately, betrayal - is the norm.Sometimes even for some men like cheating wife or cheating.It's like two parallel lives - wife and mistress, many feel normal, unfortunately.

- Your husband is considered normal?

- I think he just lived life is like.

- Some women turn a blind eye ...

- I do not know any woman who would be comfortable with the treachery.It is a lie to himself for the good preservation of the family.So 70 percent of families live.In Moscow, with Moscow like - even more, and so live on the ruble 99 percent of families, and even a hundred, when the wife pretends that nothing happens.But this is not my world.And at some point I realized that I will not live like this.I do not want that kind of life.Not for money, not for the sake of the status of his wife.I too believe in the bright gentle feeling to continue to live like that and lie to yourself.I'll look for happiness.I was discouraged by all the divorce, my mother was totally against.I was told that I would be useless, will stay with a baby ... But now men make me suggestions.For decent men do not become an obstacle to the child.If a person has a paternal instinct, he will be saved.Especially my daughter the most magical in the world.It is a small miracle.

judge asked ... Dynamo ball

- You know how we have planted - the most beautiful couple in Ukraine?With a young child, it is clear that it was hard.And I came so proud, but it is clear that the night could not sleep, cried.I came, Valentin came.We arrived at some building, the judge asked us: "To you three questions.First, who will pay 17 hryvnia - $ 2 - per ticket?Who will be the daughter? "I say:" With me. "Judge: "Can I have the ball, and the Dynamo have your autograph?" Everything!We lit two minutes.I do not understand how this could be.And where is a second chance, the wise words of the people?About what the institution of marriage in general is all about?He had been essentially disappeared degraded.

Apartment husband stayed

- After the divorce, faced with domestic difficulties.In marriage, we lived with her husband and daughter in his apartment.

By law, I had no right to it, because it was bought before marriage.I do not say: "We must fight for an apartment."And I felt that time he was earning her whole life, then let it be him.And he is not particularly offered us to stay.

I forced myself to forget all the bad things.Remaining in my memory only the good.But I remember, that was hard.I rent a flat, left homeless after divorce.I married did not work - sitting with her daughter, I did not have help with the work.But I know.And the bank went to meet, gave me a big loan, which I bought an apartment in Kiev.The loan has so far paid out.Long built.Three weeks before moving to a new apartment does not have anything ready.More funds for repairs was not.Friends I drove on the outskirts of Kiev, where there are supermarkets with building materials.As a result, I got one of the most beautiful apartments.When people come and say, "I guess it's all worth crazy money."And I am proud that I did not have anything, not even a car, but I'm three weeks to finish the apartment.

Spaghetti stress

- stress after a divorce ... I treated spaghetti.She came in the evening and cooked spaghetti with sauce.It helped.But with 7 extra kilos.Therefore, the method is not recommended - hard to return the former weight.Switch to the special literature - "Bandaging emotional wounds" something.You can go to the masseur-man.You're not ready for a new relationship, and it is necessary to recharge the male energy.Ideal: massage therapist - a man, a barber - man.Not gay, but a real man who will say: "What a beautiful you!" Good change hair color!I once painted.You can change your hairstyle, go to the gym, start working, read clever books, to become a star!

When a woman works, it is a manifestation of its independence.I am convinced that women should be the business.Otherwise, it is going cycling on his man.

My recipe for women after separation: a new man, new hair, new life!

I know from experience: it is useless to try to have a man divorces cause a feeling of compassion.They are all differently arranged.Do not men know that you are weak.I have, there are times when I lousy, but that no one sees.Because I'm strong and never show weakness not.Men - hunters.They hunt for prey.And they want to do it.But when the victim is already shot dead, they are not interested.They are interested to catch up, to be constantly on our toes.So you need to get up, wash, get dressed.And that he did not catch up!

main thing is not to despair.And start living the most.Starting to learn to make the first steps.Children, too, at first did not know how to walk, and then we all go.

Men think that all of us were dead when they leave.We'll creep up on her knees.During our break my husband said, "Without me, you become anyone or anything."But look at me, it is not so!Nothing hurts men more painful than the realization that you have survived without him ... Men do not like to feel guilty, they shift the blame on the woman.Do not indulge them and not blame yourself!

- sorry your husband?

- I think it is only he knows.I know that I and my daughter will always be the most beloved women in his life.He loves his daughter more than me.I think Valentine never married.And do not plan to.His name just me.

- You saw her husband after the divorce with the razluchnitsa?

- I've never seen and will never see again.What for?I'm not a masochist.Why deliberately mutilate yourself?It's incredibly painful.I do not even know what she looks like.I have not seen her once in my life.Quite what she knows how I look.I'm better than this.It is not, no one else.There's just me and my daughter.

I'm not divorced woman, and free!We must say to himself: "I am not a" divorcee ", I - bachelorette, free!" Immediately opens the right to choose.You can walk to restaurants, movies, chat with any people.The world is different.So many perspectives.Let the men themselves understand their problems.

- Time heals?

- Definitely.The main thing is not to sort out the situation and not to remember how it was.Do not look for any mistakes in himself.Accept the situation for what it is.It happened, did not change.There is a brilliant phrase: history is not written with a single sheet.No one ever knows what will happen tomorrow.

- with ex-husband managed to stay friends?

- Friends, we did not stay.It's strange when people are friendly families, after so many have been in pain.If we had just parted, realizing that without each other we should, I think, we would first of all be reconciled for the sake of his daughter.Why do we communicate?The main thing is not to fight and beat the dishes.I myself - the child of divorced parents.My parents parted badly.I never had a father.Therefore, there were many complex - and other insecurity.I am proud of the fact that now for Alina, I made so that the former husband knows that at any moment, whenever he wants, he can see her daughter.We have with him a nonaggression pact, as I call it.I do not understand women who are beginning to manipulate the children - it is evil in relation to the child.

suggested marriage and on the same day threw

- What conclusions made after the divorce?Should I remarry?

- For a while, I absolutely did not want to marry.I realized it is hard work to be a wife.We must constantly adapt to the human side.At some point it ceases to be myself.This is really the most difficult profession.But now I realize that I have options to get married and live in the ocean, for example.But I want to be realized and then we marry the man who would be so, my, that I never even regretted.With divorce exactly life does not end.Believe me, I'm a thousand times happier than then.Because I did not live my life.Yesterday I had a crazy day: a man made me an offer and at the same time ... left me.Because of my work.He could not come to terms with my work, despite the enormous love for me ...

- You have chosen a job?

- I do not make a choice.He made it himself.I love the business, which is engaged.I do not want to drop everything and once again regret the fact that it is not realized.I need time to release a solo album, bring to mind the project "Ice Age."Published a book.When I release an album, I understand that knowingly came into this profession.

Averbukh could not refuse me

- I'm not afraid to start over again and urge everyone not to be afraid.When went to conquer Moscow project "Ice Age", which I have not even approved, I do not say: "Crazy!" In Kiev, I had everything to equip an apartment, a jeep "Porsche", the work of the Ukrainian TV channel.But I packed two suitcases of things - clothes and shoes - and came to Moscow.With a - a thousand dollars.It would be enough only for a week in the hotel.I came to the casting in the "Ice Age": everything I came!Ahead - a complete unknown.But three days later because of my determination, my work took Ilya Averbukh.I rode for six hours a day.Ilya saw it and realized that it is impossible not to take me to the project.

Decided the issue with an apartment - "Ice Age" takes me an apartment in Moscow.I go to training, I have a wonderful friend.Quietly settling life.If you believe that everything will be fine, and do not sit at home on the couch, do it!Most importantly - do not look back.
In bed with Malakhov

- now I'm releasing a video for the song "Getting used."This is my video message.We needed a man like Brad Pitt.Because there is a plot similar to the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."Chose Malakhov.Andrei and I were together for a long time - in Kiev, led the TV show.Andrew each week flew me to the shooting, we had worked together, met and intermarried.Some newspapers have attributed us a novel.We have a very gentle, good relations.

When we had to shoot a clip of sex scenes, we had a romantic period.We gently communicate with each other, but we did not have before any kissing, nothing.Candy buketny period.And then we have got to the hotel room, they put the camera and said, "Come on, there must be a scene of passion, love."We looked at each other and said: "We have the champagne."They drank two glasses of champagne - and away we go!What we were doing there with him!He's a good actor.But I think that we have forgotten that game, so try.The room was closed, at least people.When we left after this scene, we were wet from the strain.The scenes were very candid.We are excited to have inspired this work ... It's good that we stopped!(Laughs.)

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