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Dima: I was disappointed in many people

- No, but it sounds scary ...
- This branch is so sharp, fresh fish on it wear.

- was not sorry for the fish?
- This is not the case in self-pity.Fishing - purely masculine occupation.I'm talking about the fish, because it is - my favorite food right now.I only eat fish!

- Men generally love meat.
- And here I am - a fish.I love the water, the sea and everything connected with them ... And the doctors advised me to fish there.

- Are you sitting on a diet?
- I try to eat healthy food and consult with experts.This is normal.Until recently I fell in love with a dish of tomatoes with garlic, which is prepared in an American restaurant.When I'm in the States, always I come in and certainly I order this dish.

- What about alcohol?
- If the joy of some, it can be noted with friends.I can drink whiskey in moderation.

- It is true that you canceled the wedding with Lena Kuletskaya?
- It is not an easy topic of conversation ... If I'm not going to marry Lena, this does not mean that we have qu

arreled to the nines and no longer communicate.Just recently, we celebrated with a birthday Lena, staged a small celebration.

- If not a secret, that you gave her?
- Gave Brilliantik ... To be honest, I was with this theme wedding just already got!

- All because you said: "If I win" Eurovision ", you will certainly get married!»
- Life goes on as is.I try not to plan anything ...

- In one interview you mentioned that you would really like a child ...
- Like any normal person, I, of course, the dream of a big family ... I do not want childrenright now.There is a good reason ...

- What?
- When you have children, you already can not do foolish things.(Laughs.) For example, all of a sudden ... I want to fall in love with someone, drop everything and go to the end of the world?And then the child ... Children stifle freedom.And I really cherish it.

- Viktor Baturin accuses you of all mortal sins.How to cope with this negativity?
- I move away.If you constantly think about all this, you can go mad.I was shocked when after the "Eurovision" some artists that I have recently visited the birth and were considered friends of the eye began to say: "Yes, what a victory ?!Who is this Bilan? .. »
trouble.I was very disappointed in many people, friends.But I try to think positive.Relaxing.Can night to sit in the car and drive through Moscow at night for fun.Lately, I am rarely in Moscow!I miss the city.Already a long time dream to come to some disco and a break, dance ...

- And you're not afraid that everyone will show on your finger?
- his cap, kapyushonchik ... And no I do not know.(Smiles.) Was there a funny incident.We went with friends on nature.And the car got stuck in the field.Nothing to do, I went to the nearest village on foot - to seek one to help.There were celebrations - all men in the village drunk.I found some kind of tractor, he agreed to pick us.And we had moved the tractor on the field!Feeling fantastic!

- Of course, do not often see Bilan in the field on a tractor ...
- just a shame that a man I did not recognize.He had other problems - where to find the money to sober?You see, people live their lives ...

- What is now dreaming of Dima Bilan?
- on material things I'm not crazy.Although just recently in Miami - I'm there to record a new album - passed by the estate Enrique Iglesias and I thought that, too, want the same.(Smiles.)

- You have an army of fans ...
- I do not call them fans, and the "club of friends" - so right.There are fans and fun.I recently got a real clone.The guy looks - my copy!He came up with a nickname - Neo.It seems even made some kind of plastic surgery.Wrote a letter to the television even arranges concerts, where singing my songs.Jana We regularly receive text messages from him.Funny guy!