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Margaret Mitchell.

Margaret Mitchell was born November 8, 1900 in the same Atlanta, where there are basic events of the novel.Margaret's father was a lawyer, and his mother - a true lady, who actively participated in the life of the city, has been a member of many charities, he promoted the idea of ​​early feminism.It became the prototype image of the mother of this lady, that she gave an idea of ​​the qualities required of a real woman of the time.
Margaret was hardly a good girl.Red hair, perky disposition led to the girl experienced a lot of unpleasant incidents in his childhood.For example, one day she watched her brother riding a mustang in the yard.Margaret was cold and retreated to the fire, not looking up from the fascinating spectacle.Her dress caught fire on it, and then the girl had to be treated for a long time and even longer wear trousers instead of dresses.Then it was not permissible for a girl of any age, but Margaret remembered for a lifetime freedom that gives a comfortable men's clothing.

Classes at the school as well not fond of Margaret.She did not like math, and hold different tastes in literature than previously.Only a strict, but convincing his mother's words about the necessity of education, forced the girl to continue his studies at the school with all diligence, for which she was capable.Only instead of decent Shakespeare, Nietzsche, and Dickens girl enthusiastically read romance novels.It is this kind of taste has led the creation of the first stories already in the age of nine.

After school Margaret very sorry that was not born a man and can not choose the profession of the heart.But even strict mores of the time did not prevent her to become a journalist, despite the fact that at that time it was exclusively male profession.She worked in the newspaper "Atlanta Journal", where he began the first attempts to write serёnye.One day she wrote a manifesto feminists, accompanied by pictures in which Margaret appeared before the public in a man's clothes and cowboy hat.Scandal and grandmother Margaret even burned this issue of the newspaper.

propensity to shock the audience was shown around.Even married Margaret went wrong, as was the custom.Instead of a modest bouquet of lilies bride carried a huge bouquet of red roses.After such an act, even the newspaper shouting that Atlanta had never seen the like.This marriage was doomed to failure.Margaret's husband, Barry, drank heavily, was unrestrained in their manners, or rather did not have them at all.Therefore, the family fell apart after 10 months from the date of the wedding.It was the first divorce in the family of Mitchell, and over the whole scandal Atlanta - in the early 20th century, divorce was considered a disgrace.

After the divorce, Margaret returned to work, where she wrote about two hundred entries, winning recognition readers and resounding nickname "golden pen".The second time married Margaret came in 1925, 2 years after the divorce.The new husband was a longtime fan of the girl, who threw for love challenging work in Washington.John Marsh and Margaret were married, after which she left for good journalism and to be creative.

so happened that a great novel was born, by chance.Even as a child, Margaret fall off the horse and severely injured his ankle.In adulthood, it turned osteoarthritis who chained to her bed for nearly a year.After reading a ton of romance novels, Margaret came to the idea that she could write better.She recreated on paper the story of the war, which was attended by her family and the history of life, which her family lived.Poor health has not been able to affect the novel - it is replete with tragic details.Even Margaret beginning to write it with the end - from the moment when Rhett and Scarlett parted.I finished it was only in 1033.Margaret treated him lightly and just hid in domestic waste.Two years later, he decided the fate of the novel - in Atlanta appeared representatively large publishing house "Macmillan", which Margaret and brought the manuscript.

The book was published in 1936 on June 30 and immediately created a furor.Many respected critics recognized his best work in recent years, almost classic.Thus Margaret resented the success of the heroine Scarlett readers.In his intrevyu she admitted that disappointed that this fallen woman was an example to follow.But be that as it may, the novel became a bestseller and brought its creator Pulitzer Prize.

Margaret Mitchell lived very modestly, refused many interviews, refused from the film adaptation of the film about her life, but she did not object to the film adaptation of her novel.It has brought her even more popular, but did not make even appear at the premiere.Health does not allow her to fully enjoy life, and in 1949 a tragic accident interrupted her.It was August 11, when Margaret and her husband went to the theater, where Margaret was hit by a taxi.After 5 days she died, never having recovered from his injuries.
Nobody knows, would be created a scandal and masterpieces if the writer lived a long life.But the legacy that she has left the world, has made her name almost eternal.A single brilliant novel ordinary woman put on a par with the great classics.

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