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Vic Dayneko: "I never do bad people ..."

There are some vital laws that you personally never violated?
And as without them?If you live in general, ignoring these laws, you can lose yourself as a person.I never do bad to others - always a bad back.We must live in peace with themselves and others, not to cross the street to anyone.

Could you get along with the genius?
Very often geniuses - people as if from another world.But some of them can still communicate well.For example, a genius for me is my producer Igor Matvienko.He wrote many beautiful songs.I very much respect and admire him.

wonder what can bring you out of yourself?
I am very peaceful and kind man.But I can be angry and moody when I'm hungry or when I want to sleep.

What is going to happen in your life, that you said to myself: Stop, I did everything I was supposed to, it is time to stop!
Oh, I think that as long as I think of this sooner.Maybe when I'm 60 or 70 years, I would say something like that, but now I only move forward!

You read all the many rumors about mys

course, read.I also wonder what they write about me what I paint on the Internet, newspapers and magazines.By "ducks" I have long learned philosophically, as part of their work, and only.Therefore, they have not only not upset, but on the contrary - cheer.

Do you believe in karma?
I believe in fate, in karma.I believe that many things in our lives happen because it should have happened.

Goals as they achieve change.Can you remember your very first dream?
When I was 8 years old, I dreamed of becoming a model.And then with 12 I wanted to be a singer and I thought that if I am a famous singer, then I will constantly taking pictures - and failed.But for me now shooting in photo shoots - it's a real pleasure and one of the favorite parts of the job.

If it were possible to turn back time, what would you change?
I do not regret anything and I appreciate all that I have now is, everything that happened to me.I would not change anything.

Life is a creative person - like a constant race against time.How can we all get done, without losing the good that gives us life?
In fact, the more cases, the more time to.But this vanity I never forget about the most important values: the people who love a simple human communication.

recently appeared on the radio station with your band "Lube" joint song "My Admiral."You said in the press, which is very much worried when recording.It's true?
course!I remember when Igor Matvienko told me that I will sing with the "Lube" I just do not believe it.For me, working together with a group of this level - a new creative stage, a new height.So I was very nervous when recording, so much so that even just was not able to sing, confused.But in the end I coped with the excitement and read your wonderful recitative.About recitative I'm kidding, of course.Just my vocal part in the composition stylized reading of the letter.

What are you thinking at this moment of time?
everything and anything (laughs).

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