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Where to hide medications from children?

Those who have small children, medical toxicologists are asked to remember the following safety rules:

• After each use, check the drug, you have it firmly closed.Even "detozaschitnaya" packaging is not always a guarantee of safety;
• remove from the packaging of tablets exactly as you are planning to take, rather than two or three steps forward;
• Do not store the drugs in the room where the children play.Bad place for the storage of medicines - a box on the cabinet (it is easy to get myself wealthy ball) on the table - as is commonly done grandparents, not to forget to take medication;
• if the child is curious, do not store the drugs in the bags, briefcases, purses and boxes;
• it is best to store the medication in a place that big kid could not see them and small - could not reach;
• Do not take the drug if children they love to copy adults.After playing in the "headache", the child may be in the hospital;
• if the child is sick, do not allow him to take the medication on their own.Just out of y

our hands;
• Never when children do not call medicine candy or lollipops.In your absence, the child is sure to remember that somewhere nearby there is a "sweetie" and begin to actively search for them.

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