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Julia Roberts

Julia lived in a big family, where she had an older brother and sister.She was born on October 28, 1967.Her parents were engaged in the teaching of acting in a school of arts.One of the financial problems Julia's father was forced to change the scope of activities and be a sales representative of the company, which is engaged in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners.Family life of parents of Julia is hardly happy.Frequent quarrels and scandals on the basis of the financial turmoil led to divorce their marriage, after which Julia and her sister left to live with her mother, and her marriage to his father Eric.

Julia was awkward teenager without much success at school.After graduating from high school she went to work in a normal supermarket and even considered herself ugly duckling, do not leave the dream of the big stage.At this time, Eric Roberts, has already been quite successful actor who starred in several successful films.Once Eric got the lead role in the film "Blood and tears", where the scenario he
was supposed to be the younger sister.He felt that no one will play that role better than Julia.So 19-year-old Julia first appeared on the big screen, and soon attracted the attention of critics and renowned directors.After such a prominent role in a film that even if it did not become very popular, Julia began to receive the first invitation.Second it was the work of a small cameo in the film "Crime Story", after which Julia has become the object of attention of reporters, that is has been recognized himself as a celebrity.Although, of course, to the glory of this it was still very far away.

first major award - the "Oscar", Julia received in 1989 for his role in the movie "Steel Magnolias", after which he was the film "Pretty Woman," which brought Julia worldwide fame and a second "Oscar".This was followed by an invitation for many roles in the movie, which later became the leader of hire throughout the world.In 1991, Julia was first decided to marry actor Kiefer Sutherland, whom she met on the set of the movie "Flatliners."But a few days before the wedding Kiefer simply ran away, that Julia should not only lost millions of dollars that were paid for the wedding dress and the table, but also a lot of mental strength.However, after this incident, the beauty is not put on a cross, and did not refuse the chance to arrange his life.Besides, it was always surrounded by a crowd of admirers, so finding a partner was not difficult.

But the heart of beauty was given only to Daniel Moder, whom she met in 2002.Daniel was the operator, he knew Julia since childhood and by the time they met was already married.The story of their union surrounded by a lot of rumors and gossip.They say that Julia has repeatedly tried to buy back Daniel his wife.First, the proposed amount was only 10 thousand dollars, and then reached up to 220 thousand.Marriage Modera, and so I cracked at the seams, so his wife could not resist the best offer, and refused her husband's impressive compensation.Wedding Julia and Daniel held on July 4, US Independence Day.The wedding was not luxurious, it was attended to only a few very close friends, but that did not affect the couples family happiness.They are still together and bring wonderful twins - a boy and girl, who were born in 2004.Mother Julia began at age 38.And in 2007, she gave birth again, their third son, named Henry.

Julia at the time disappeared from the big screen, as all her time engaged in family and children.The latest masterpiece in the creation of which she participated, was the film "Ocean's 12".But in 2008, Julia went back to the cinema than enthralled his fans.Premiere of her latest work took place in March 2009, a film called "Nothing personal."Now the actress lives a full rich life.It is not only in films but also engaged in charity, publishes a collection of clothes and jewelry.

actress has kept not only its beauty and optimism, but also ambition that cause to hope that we're not just going to be able to admire her work in film.