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Biography Audrey Hepburn

Audrey - is abbreviated name of the actress.Her full real name - Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn.This long elegant name got it from Mother Baroness.The aspiring actress was born May 4, 1929 in Belgium.Marriage Dutch aristocrat and a simple bank employee can hardly be called successful.A family history of quarrels, scandals, between parents Audrey was not a drop of understanding.However, it was brought up in the strict rules of aristocratic families of those years.The main emphasis in the education of children in this family have been - work, honesty, self-discipline, religion, and the willingness to help others.Perhaps it is the effect on the ability to raise Audrey get used to the images of their characters.

Nevertheless, warmth and sincere love Audrey did not have a childhood.Her mother was extremely restrained in expression of feelings, and his father too concerned about problems at work and in the family, to devote sufficient attention to children.At some point parents' marriage fell apart, wha
t caused serious trauma to Audrey.

After his parents divorced, Audrey and his brothers and his mother moved to Arnhem - family estate, which belonged to the mother of Audrey.The war began when the family had settled there.Willy-nilly, Audrey had to grow up too early during a long siege.It spread antifascist leaflets continued to be professionally engaged in ballet, gave dance lessons to children.Evenings Audrey danced for a modest fee to a small circle of regular viewers.

war years with their hardship, suffering and stress were not in vain for the young girl.Audrey began anemia, and then she contracted jaundice.These diseases put it almost on the brink between life and death, but she miraculously survived.In 16 years, Audrey with her mother moved to Amsterdam, where she almost immediately went to the hospital and treated for the efforts of the mother and family friends.

After recovery, she went to ballet class renowned teacher Sonia Gaskell, and at 18 she began to study at the London School of Marie Rambert.To survive Audrey was forced to look for jobs, acting in commercials, dancing in nightclubs and musicals.Then her dreams were connected only with the ballet and theater.

But fate turned otherwise.Once the famous Audrey noticed at the time director Mario Jumpy, who suggested the girl in the movie "Laughter in Paradise."This role did not bring aspiring actress neither fame nor recognition or money.More 2 years she acted only in epidozicheskih roles until finally he got a role in the film "Roman Holiday", after the first night she woke up a star.Then there was a movie musicals "Sabrina", which sewed dresses for himself Givenchy.Since that time, between Audrey and the famous fashion designer began a close long-term friendship.

Then there were other cult films, which brought worldwide fame Audrey and one Oscar.Style this stunning woman copied in many countries, it has become an idol, which imitated in everything.It is said that the corporation Tiffany and K became popular only because it mentioned the heroine of the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Despite the resounding success, money and fame, Audrey was unusually resistant to disease stellar.But the angelic nature, habit and a lot of heavy work, the desire to love and be loved actress failed to wish you happiness.She was twice married, but the marriage can hardly be called successful.The only meaning of her marriage was long-awaited and beloved son, who was born from the director and producer Mel Ferrer.The second son Luca from his second marriage, Audrey was also doomed to parents' divorce, a second marriage while the actress was going to be happy.

True love Audrey came to only about 50 years old when she met Dutch actor Robert Uoldesa.Marriage between the two never happened, that, according to Audrey, it is not clouded their happiness.

Filmography Audrey Hepburn includes almost 20 films, many of which were marked by the most important international awards.In the last years of his life, Audrey much involved in charity, especially aid to the starving children in Africa, for which he was awarded the Medal of Glory US president.She died in 1993, 64 years of life.The cause was cancer, which proved to be incurable.

Since then, her image, the image of a lady, became a symbol of a bygone era, a symbol of true beauty, generosity and talent.

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