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Psychological preparation of the child for school

So, the first tip: sure to share your memories with your child .Let him understand that his situation is not unique, that you once experienced the same mixed feelings of joy, excitement, anticipation and anxiety.In addition, it will show your first grader that mom can share their school experiences in the future.

Remember how you immediately came over a great number of new rules and responsibilities.Prepare your child for this, too.But avoid abrupt transitions: let the new responsibilities it will be nice indicators of adulthood, not a heavy burden of responsibility that suddenly fall on him.And to add to the duties appeared a pleasant touch, think of your child and the new "rights", that is, some privileges of adult life: go to bed half an hour later than usual, to make himself a sandwich in the microwave or something else smallbut important for your child.

agree that, despite the fact that many of us did not want to after a fun vacation to sink into the abyss of study, the Day of Knowledge Sept

ember 1 was still a holiday for us. Try to create the same atmosphere of celebration and exciting for your child .This will not only contribute to a new outfit bought for the occasion, but also a solemn meeting your kid from school, a family dinner on this occasion, and perhaps meaningful gift.

Make it clear to your child that everything in his school life for him is important, it is important for you.During the first days of school is required to ask your student about what happened to him today interesting happened at school, praise him and cheered.But do all this sincerely, otherwise the child suspicious.Sure, you love your child.

use its revenues in the first class to show it again: rejoice with him his success, worry with him his failures, but in any case not angry at him for minor defects.All the time remember myself in the same period, and your memory is required to tell you the best way.

And in order to change the situation had not been for your child and very much a sudden contrast, play with him "to school» .Seat the toys at their desks, the highest and beautiful doll made by teachers, equip class of wooden board and a piece of chalk, and cut for dolls notebooks.Let the child will plunge into the atmosphere of school life in his usual home.

Author: Alice Henry

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