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Unequal Marriage in Modern Society

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso.Actor and waitress.
Hollywood stars at all indifferent to the waitresses: they love Nicolas Cage and Eddie Murphy, Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney.Matt never shared with the press details of his personal life and even journalists loved to drive the nose.
It is known that Matt had lived for two years with Winona Rider and, apparently, then decided to do away with the famous ladies in your life.A couple of years have met with the secretary of his friend Ben Affleck, and then in a bar in Miami met some lusianite Bosa Barroso.It does not matter that from Argentina that was already married and has a daughter, whom his father does not want to admit it, and that it works as a waitress in the bar.Matt and Luciana
married December 9th, 2005 at City Hall in New York - without the media and celebrity guests, except as Ben Affleck.Matt adopt daughter Luciana, and for four years had passed he became the father of two girls - so now at his home four women.
Jessica Alba and Cas
h Warren.The actress and assistant director.

In the states each year make the list of women's men's dreams.Jessica Alba regularly featured in it, if not the first, then second.It is not surprising: the album has not yet turned 14-years old when the parish priest asked her not to go to church during the service men were not looking at him, but on the album and thought, of course, not about God.
From a girl can expect to hunt for some billionaire or very large producers.Nothing like this.When Jessica Alba has become a big star, she chose as her husband a man of the ordinary - ordinary assistant director.In the summer of last year she gave birth to a girl and said that more want children.And why not, if for a photo shoot with her child took away $ 1.5 million.And it neznamenitom husband!
Prince Philip and Letizia Rokasolano.The Prince and the journalist.
As you know, marry for love can not be no king, the prince evidently this rule does not apply!Letizia Ortiz
Rokasolano despite the sonorous name, is their simple family.Laetitia worked television journalism - a frivolous profession, and even once been married and has managed to get a divorce.It would seem that there is no chance, but to overcome all obstacles love Prince and public opinion.Charming Letitia suddenly like the Spanish people - he saw in it the image of a modern woman.
Fortunately, her first marriage was a civilian, and therefore from the point of view of the Catholic Church as if it had never existed.For the wedding of Philip and Letizia watched live 25 million people in Spain alone.The wife of Prince aroused such enthusiasm of the people, that the royal family did not hesitate, she awarded the official title of princess.In the five years of marriage, his wife Letizia gave two daughters, Leonor and Sofia.
Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.Actress and assistant operator.
In 2002, Julia Roberts was the highest paid actress in the world.This woman should be treated with particular skepticism to a declaration of love - especially if the man is working as an assistant cameraman and modest, moreover, married to a makeup artist.But Julia saw in a guy named Danny Moder chance for a woman's happiness, and even was willing to pay compensation that same grimёrshe so she gave her beloved divorce.Julia lives with his celebrity and wealthy husband for seven years, she gave birth to three children and virtually abandoned his career.Removed very rarely, and even this year did not go to the Oscars

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