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Adoption: how, what, why?

Step 1. Decide.
be mom and dad - a very responsible job.And be real parents for someone else's child - is often a feat.Not everyone can do it, but, in fact, those who could cope with such a challenge, much more than we think.Decide whether you want to take someone else's child in his family, whether or not you will be able to be his mother, the closest person, not just an educator?
Do not take the child, if your actions runs only pity.In this sense true love is not built, because pity passes quickly when a child is in a normal home.Think many times, whether you are ready for possible problems, whether you have enough patience and effort to ensure that the child does not give it less than you would have given her.
The best solution would be prior consultation with the psychologist.The specialist will help you understand if you are ready, able to become a real parent to someone else's child.You might decide to have a problem before they will make themselves known.This will benefit both you and your unbor
n child.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that adoptive parents can be not all.The government is very sensitive to the people who want to adopt a child, so carefully check each candidate.It is better if you're married, you already have experience in education of their children or other people.You should not be sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis and others.In addition, the presence of a criminal record and lack of permanent income and housing may become serious obstacles to the dream.

Step 2. Preparation of documents.
To be even prospective adoptive parents, you have to collect quite a few inquiries.To start, you should go to the guardianship authorities, said he wanted to become an adoptive parent and go through the necessary procedures.
you need to collect the following documents:
1. brief autobiography;
2. certificate of employment indicating the position and salary or a copy of the declaration of income;
3. a copy of the financial account, and extract from the house (door-) Book of residence or proof of ownership of the premises;
4. Help the internal affairs bodies about the absence of a conviction for an intentional crime against the life or health of citizens;
5. medical certificate state or municipal medical institution on the health of the person wishing to adopt a child, decorated in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation;
6. copy of the marriage certificate (if married).
When the documents are ready, you will be able to register with as prospective adoptive parents.

Step 3. Selection of the child.
Choosing a child, each governed by its own considerations.Someone wants certainly the girl, and someone just a boy.Someone needs child, and to whom - the child is older, someone important blue eyes and blond hair, and to whom - the health of your baby.You should know that there are federal and regional databases, which contains information about all the children who can be adopted.You will provide full information about each child that you enjoy.
Many people believe that choosing a child for a long time is not necessary.In the end - all, when you decide to give birth to your child, you are also at risk.Children - are always a lottery, but adoptive parents are given a greater chance to choose the baby for themselves.
Once you determine the choice, you can apply to the court which will decide on the transfer of the child to the family.So you can change the name, surname, father's name and date of birth of the child, if they so wish.

Step 3. Adaptation.
The fact that after the adoption is an adjustment period, they know not all.Adaptation is not only the child but also the parents.Someone passes this period easily, but most families there are certain problems.Children often behave strangely - can indulge in childhood brawl, break toys, refused to listen, disturbed sleep, diet.Parents often experience feelings of guilt, shame, regret that made this "mistake."In fact, all this is perfectly normal and in the end - the end of the aisle.This period is rarely lasts more than 4 months, especially if the work on the problems.
Both you and baby find yourself in a new environment, in a new environment.Sure.Each of you will need time to get used to each other.Patience, sensitivity, compassion and wisdom can help you overcome these difficulties.If
adoption for some reason does not suit you, and help even one child would like, do not despair.There are other forms of placement of children in family: guardianship, foster care, foster family, foster home.If your desire to become parents for who they lost heavily, you will overcome all obstacles and find a way out.

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