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We teach children to clean

Usually they are trying to get the baby clean up are premature statement of fact that pipsqueak can not cope with this duty: "You clean up after a toy?" Or "Are not you ashamed to be such a slob?" Of course, this negativeposing the question can not cause the child to consciously needs to meet the wishes of parents.Rather, the feeling of a sense of protest or own imperfection.

few important tips

1. The child always imitate adults.Therefore, children who from infancy see my mother keeps order, soon learn to observe cleanliness.

2. Kid difficult to perform daily activities that require serious efforts and not bringing joy.Therefore, only the sharing of household chores will be a feasible task for the child.

3. Praise - a necessary component to accustom children to order.Always note aloud to your baby to achieve, especially its independent efforts to help you.Do not criticize your child for bad harvested bed of dust left in the corners of the room, or land on the windowsill after watering f

lowers.Believe me, the child put a lot of effort to please you and fulfill their responsibilities.If you would like to see the baby learned to do housework more carefully, just show him how to do it, or lose it in one of the methods described above.

4. Never punish a child household chores, or very soon he will link the two concepts together, and any matter entrusted to him will be taken as a punishment from which he would take time off by any means.

from childhood

Already in 8-9 months should be to teach a child to what each thing its place.At this age, the baby has mastered the manipulation of objects and it can be shown how to put toys after playing, accompanying their actions detailed description.
In the year and a half, the child will be happy to help you around the house: he loves to imitate the behavior of parents.While clean, ask your child to collect their toys, used for a vacuum cleaner and wipe your table cloth.Playing with a year-old child, such as cooking dinner, included in the game cleaning the dishes, "wash" and remove it to a place commenting on this fact, it is not good to leave behind a messy desk.

and a half years kid can carry out the instructions of the adult, if you want to put something in place or remove anything in the drawer.So you will not only plant the child the skills of accuracy, but also to practice his thought processes and memory.If a kid running errands he care, be sure to praise him.But do not be surprised if you soon will discover that you need in the most inappropriate places.Do not scold the child for this: most likely, he decided to help, and remove that, in his opinion, is not in place.Just explain to him that socks must be in the box, and the food - in the kitchen.By two years, stripping the child select his chair so that he helped put on him his clothes.Show how you are doing, ask them to lay down their own socks or tights.Do not forget to repeat that every thing his house: boots and jacket live in the corridor, and a dress or shorts only sleep on a chair.Let your child help you around the house, do not push him if he tries to take the broom out of your hands, or you want to wash the dishes.Stumbling a couple of times on my mother cry, kid stops to offer you assistance.Of course, it is hardly a good wash cup or wipe the table, but remember that the skill is gradually instilled - will take a little time and you will see how smart he copes with its tasks.

three-year baby is rightfully considered my mother's helper.He can entrust the execution of important household chores like dusting or watering flowers.It will also be proud if you trust him to place in the hallway shoes, wipe the sill.In three years, you can teach a child to wash their panties and socks.Be prepared for the fact that you have them perestirat, but do it when the baby does not see: it is important to know that you trust him "adult" business.

In three years, the child will be a pleasure to watch the actions of the pope, so connect it to the educational process.


will help teach children to order your imagination: tales tell stories where the two main characters fall into the various alterations.And one of them - an exact copy of your child, and the second reflects the desired behavior, you want to get the child.Let the second hero emerges victorious, let him get to deal with various obstacles to their goals, and the first, when faced with problems, understands the need for change and learn to be more careful, neat, organized.

build on the success

After three years, the kid already knows what is required of him.But the child alone is unlikely to accept direct order every night, clean up after themselves and things to wash the dishes after meal.Partly because the preschooler still poorly controls his strong-willed efforts, partly because of his passion for the game and evening fatigue.
So there are different ways to "remind" the baby of their responsibilities.The lower the age the child, the more important to him that the parent was beside him, and gently helped control his actions.Joint cleaning will bring joy to a child, a full sense of their family, and an opportunity to observe the actions of adults.

kid is hard to keep in the mind the whole set of necessary actions, especially not very interesting and gives him joy.He can decide what toys, beautifully arranged around the room look very attractive and provide comfort, or feels that much more important to finish today, watch a cartoon, etc.So be lenient: Do not encourage your child to get out when he interested in something, or require to disassemble the castle, which he built with great difficulty.
Rather annoying shouts, hang around the house funny pictures that will help your child think about the need to hang their belongings on a chair, put the dishes in the sink to brush your teeth before going to bed.As a reminder, you can use any toy.Take it in your hand, call on behalf of the child and asked if he did not forget any bedtime something important.
invent exciting games and remember, the older the child, the more intricate the game should be.For example, negotiate with your child as soon as the bell will ring, the time comes to finish the game and clean up after a toy, and when he hears the drumbeat, it's time to go to the bath.

children 3-4 years can offer all the toys put to sleep, but be aware that this activity require a lot of time.For older children like to get out on the rate if you, for example, will count the seconds out loud, and then record the results in the table.

kid like temporarily fulfill the role of a parent, if you are at this time will play a naughty child.Let him give instructions where and what to remove, customize you angry.Give him time to look for you, choose the appropriate words to make "child" to listen, to comfort him.And when he razbaluetsya or refuse anything to clean up after himself, recalled how hard it was for him to act as a parent.You'll see, he will be sure to meet you.

Older children will be happy to stick yourself on the pros' Map of the order, "and at the end of the week will be waiting for some kind of surprise for their achievements.It is necessary to specify in advance that it will not be very expensive gifts, and even better if it will be any trip with their parents or a celebratory dinner with his family.

Also, older children will want to clean up things, if one day they come into the room and did not find the most expensive of them.You can hide them, and the child leave the encrypted email with a description of where they can find their belongings.Children older than 6 years appreciate personal space, they have their secrets, so it is unlikely they will like it, that parents take they own "treasures", and, most of all, find a way to remove them before you decide to once again take advantage of this technique.

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