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The singer Glucose, biography

The Quest .
As a child I was terribly unruly, truant could quietly steal bread from the bakery.And always friendly with the boys, exploring with them all sorts of cellars and a gate.In general, such a concrete was kid skirt.In fact, I probably stayed the same.The only thing - do not want to climb the basement.A adventurism in general remained.
Before I gave birth, flew on a jet aircraft, parachute jump from a height of four thousand meters, seized bungee, flying in a balloon, and in Stalin's Yak - 52. In carrying out various figures.Even swim with the dolphins.However, now I can not let myself extreme as before.After all, my life now belongs to my children.
Good girl.
Parents do not have the time to educate me.Often criticized for torn pantyhose, because not clean up after themselves things that skip school.But now I understand that punished me right now everything is always for a very tidy and has swear to those who do not.
My parents, than not only engaged in the complex 90 years.By education, they
were programmers, working first as an engineer, who later became no longer needed.And my mother even had time to work one conductor.But mostly my grandmother was brought up normally.My grandmother instilled in me since childhood kindness.And I think that every man should love.
Back to school.
This period was for me very funny.Our class was friendly - no one gave, if someone - that where - that nashalil.We had such a close-knit company of five people, which is dominated by boys.At school I thought the guys basically another boyfriend, and only in the tenth grade, they already began to look at me as a girl.During this period and there was a real school love, which was quite happy.
Producer life.
Max Fadeev - it's all we can say is the first man in my life.Because everything that I now have created it.He drew my life.Max shook me immediately - immediately began to speak my language, on an equal footing.After all, he is also a man of the street.
I'm not a coward, but I'm afraid.
I wanted to popularity, but was afraid of her.I guess I'm a creative person and I had to note the recognition.And when I got an offer to work at once agreed.For a year he was preparing me Max Fadeyev: I worked, rehearsed and danced.His first cassette I recorded seven hours.I'm terribly afraid to go on stage, and the first time I had to speak in front of an audience in the "Olympic", and there were twenty thousand spectators.My knees were shaking, but Max said, "Stick to your guns, gone!" And these words were for me a push.Become
I believe a man with a light character.But there are moments when you have to show some rigidity.For example, when I see the arrogance, it just removes from himself, and then I will not stop.I can say, I can shout, put people in place.As a child I was too blatant.For example, I never touch a stranger, even if it is in my make-up artist.I try to solve all the questions politely.
his guy.
Girlfriends at me a little.There are girls, friends, whom I love.Women, it seems to me, in principle, a jealous nature.They seem to sympathize with you, and themselves in the heart rejoice.
woman - a cat.
I'm probably a sort of mother-tigress.At any moment I throw myself to any member of his family to help.But I am not the mistress.I like to set the table, decorate the house, can wash, wash, but do not know how to cook.At home I have a cook.I think that a woman should be loved.I am a romantic person.When I see people happy, I'm very happy, smiling and happy life.