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Communication with kids

kid should hear your speech, to get used to it, learn to perceive individual sounds, and later word.How could he know that the apple - the apple, if not from you.Of course, he does not understand that in a month or even six, but more often he would hear the name of an item, the more he will be ready to independently to utter these words.Toddler
should be taught to dialogue and active communication, promote it even illegible answers.The more he hears the different intonations, sounds and words, the better formed his vocal apparatus.So watch out for that, and you say to the kid.Let
he hears from you only positive words and intonation.Read your child a fairy tale from birth, children sing songs, tell me about the world in which he begins to live.Do not shout at the child, and do not abuse it.The kid is not able to understand what he is doing wrong and why not meet your expectations, in addition, small children do not know what it is you want them to do.So blame the kid simply senseless, you only injure an
d alienate it from itself.Rather than bring up fear in the child, it is best to try to make his life as pleasant as possible and happy.

not lisp with the baby.The child should hear it right, otherwise in the future, it will repeat for you and distort the word.And to retrain, as you know, it is much more difficult than to teach.Therefore, the future lay the vocabulary of the child should be with all the responsibility.

known that children are receptive to children's poems, so feel free to read them to him.Let him have not yet understand the meaning, but a wonderful feeling emotions that you pass to it during such communication.Do not be afraid to "spoil" your baby to communicate with you.It has been observed that children whose parents spend with them a lot of time and take an active part in dealing with them, do not suffer in the future, a painful affection and do not cling to her skirt.They grow more confident and looks learn independence.Those children who lack in communication, on the contrary, difficult to move to a stage when it's time to play by yourself and spend some time without their parents.This is especially noticeable at the time when the baby is brought into kindergarten.

To your baby is developing rapidly, and do not forget about the tactile contact.Massage and develop fine motor skills of the child depends on the development of his brain.Therefore Master the basics of massage and make it a rule to do it at least once a day.Do not miss a chance to stroke the child when you swaddle him, fingers spread, to hold his hand over a small palm and heel.Later, when the baby grows up a little bit, give him as many different shape and texture of toys.The more diverse they are, the faster the baby learns a piece of the world.

Now there are great debates about whether electronic or mechanical devices to replace child communication.Strictly speaking, the child can perceive a voice coming from the TV, radio or interactive toys.But this dialogue too much for him any sense, because it does not see and does not understand the object that was talking to him.TV for the baby - a complex and incomprehensible thing.Parents are much more familiar with their child having fun talking to contact and easier to learn.

To fully develop your baby a lot and gladly said no need to make a little effort.But all these efforts will be justified when you see how the baby is trying to respond to your call or the question of how closely he listens to you, and how it changes the mood of the communication.In addition, the habit of communicating with parents from an early age - is the key relationship of trust in the future.

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