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Model Natalia Stefanenko: profile, biography

Stefanenko Natalia was born in 1971 in a small closed military town near Yekaterinburg.As a child, Natasha did not feel beautiful - she was too white-skinned, very tall and awkward.In her confession, the young men began to pay attention to it only in 17 years that the order was surprised girl.

Natalia walked in the footsteps of his father, and immediately after school entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys - IISS.By profession she is a metallurgical engineer.In the 90 years of the business model developed only in the capital, but Natalya was lucky - she accidentally for the company with her friends went to a beauty contest held by a famous modeling agency with the participation of the Italian designer, and won it.The plans Natalia was never to become a model or have a public profession, she treated women who are engaged in this work with a sense of superiority.But after winning the contest Natalia changed his views - she had the opportunity to go to Milan, to earn a living there, not even know
ing the language.That chance was impossible not to take advantage of in 1991, Natalia went to Italy.

first Natalya worked as a model, she has worked with major agencies in Milan and famous photographers.She often participated in shows, dreaming of a big success.But somewhere a year after moving to Italy, there was a meeting that radically changed the lives of Russian women.Once in the restaurant approached her handsome man in years and suggested that the role of presenter.Natalya did not believe in the word of a stranger, but he tracked her to a modeling agency and persuaded to try his hand at the popular talk show in a pair with the famous TV presenter.When Natalia signed a contract for the shooting, which lasted 17 weeks, it almost does not know the language.In the picture, she could only nod and smile.Despite the fact that its unusual appearance immediately attracted the attention of viewers, Natalia decided to whatever was to learn Italian and to not be in the frame just beautiful doll.She taught language at night to headaches, and a few weeks later was struck by colleagues considerable vocabulary.

After the success of the first television shows Natalya got a lot of interesting proposals.She continued to work as a model, led humorous transmission, acted in movies, played in performances and quickly became a model of Slavic beauty for the Italians.Life Natalia was not interested because it was too much work.But in 1993 she accidentally met her future husband.Luke then studied at the Faculty of moonlighting and model.He struck Natalia that always appeared with a book, while the Italians - almost do not read literature.Getting grew into a whirlwind romance, and in 1995, young people were married.

Now Natalia husband engaged in the creation of fashionable clothes and shoes, has its own brand of clothing is quite popular in Europe.Natalia is actively involved in many international projects, conducts transmission not only in Russia but also in Italy, acted in films.Natalia and Luke grows a beautiful daughter, Sasha, inherited from parents unusual appearance, tall and as hope mom and dad, punchy character.Their family owns a large house in Italy, Brazil and headquartered in Milan, which is engaged in design, Luke and Natalia brings comfort.They - a sample of a happy family: beautiful, successful, loving.It's about a life dreamed usual Russian girl, when she left to Milan.

According to Natalia herself, not everything in her life depended on vezёniya, had to put a lot of work, sacrifice something.for example, she dreams of a big family and would like more children, but the busy schedule does not allow her to leave even a short maternity leave.However, confesses Natalia, everything can change, in the end, the family has always been and will be for her the most important thing in life.

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