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Madonna Biography

Not all ladies do it.
She was born in a very poor family with many children of Michigan, brought up in austerity and even going to be a nun.Perhaps this rigor and wing causes uncontrolled explosion, which, as a phenomenon became known as Madonna?Hence, perhaps, grow roots as the present attitude of the singer to the education of their own children - Study, the church and the taboo on television.Over time, as little Nonni (so named Madonna in the family) was subjected to this taboo list of prohibitions and add another video game.On the other hand - Madonna herself has gone through all this.In order to earn a handful of cents on the ice cream.She was baking cookies with her friends sold him near the house.She's really good at school.However, already in high school, began to show signs of rebellion: the girl did everything exactly the opposite, ignoring bans school - painted, wore daring outfits and hairstyles cause.After high school, I was a ballet in which Madonna was not a novice and easily achieved, s
o that her dress Micheganskom University scholarship as the best dancer.Her dance teacher, Christopher Flynn homosexual, quickly begins accustomed to unconventional pop star get-togethers.
not having studied and three years, the young and ambitious girl to conquer New York.It is unlikely that in those days she could imagine that in a certain number of years in this city, it will buy the apartment price in the seven and fines of millions of dollars - because then all her condition was equal to ballet slippers and 37 dollars, half of which she spent in the first NewYork taxi to Manhattan.
In New York, held many of today's stars.Someone lucky, more and he was noticed almost immediately, and someone like Madonna, well suffer the fate of the first, and only then issued the winning ticket.Not everyone would be able to survive on the road to success, if he had to spend the night in cold attics and porches of houses of others, fasting and standing in line for a free stew, pies and trade issue coat in the cloakroom.Madonna stood.She had another, and to work in a studio artist's model, starred in more than a candid photoshoot.Then she met brothers Gilroy, New York musicians.Their collaboration did not last long - a little learning to play the guitar quickly Madonna put together their own group.
Demo zapesi her first singles for a long time did not come out into the light.Then, finally, she was able to sign a contract with the studio «Warner Brothers."So light heard the first album "Madonna".The success exceeded all expectations.
about Madonna, where is your justice?
stage of her career, it is a multitude of prizes, nominations, ratings, star names, dates and fees.It is worth noting that in the 90 years she was in the top five richest women in the entertainment industry with annual revenues of under one hundred million dollars.Madonna is one of the biggest collectors of art and expensive real estate, it buys ancient European castles and mansions of London, not to mention the real estate in the United States.
At the same time Madonna - More famous hunter and a man's heart.Their she was so much that it is impossible, and count - from a simple worker to a millionaire.
Madonna banned in her presence to discuss her age.When asked about the secret of her youth, she begins a list of exercises and diets, which it adheres, or cuts off at once: "I accept the elixir of eternal youth, it is clear?»

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