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Interview with Olga Budina

Olga, tell us how you became an actress.
- It was an accident - I did not dream about this profession.Once passed by the Shchukin School, and I liked this place, to feel that it's mine.
you describe your actor's roles?
- It is difficult because it seems to me that I do not belong to any of the known role.By agreeing to the role, I'm concerned about the dramatic element in the life of the heroine.For me it does not matter what age she lives and how old she was.I never compare myself with my heroines, because I get used to the way you work.
A positive character traits are borrowing from their heroines.
- People formed an opinion that I only play good characters.This is not true!Aglaia Yepanchin from the series "The Idiot" is not demure: from - for her ambition died Prince Myshkin, was killed Nastasia.Galina Kuznetsova from the drama "His Wife's Diary" destroy the family of Ivan Bunin.Perhaps the only positive image - Princess Anastasia Romanov.About Nadezhda Alliluyeva can not say anything, it is a t
ragic figure, it is not a category of good and evil.One of my last roles, Dr. Selivanov, too ambiguous, help your neighbor - plus, while the number of abortions done it - minus.
say, art requires sacrifice.You have to make sacrifices.
- Today I build my life and the relationship with the movie, so it helps me a hundred, not a hindrance.In fact, a hundred had shaved bald for the role of Anastasia Romanova, nothing serious.Change of appearance - one of the components of the acting profession.But it's not a victim.
After marriage and the birth of the son you've played the wife of Stalin.This is the case, or you have decided that you need to return only a serious role.
- During this period, I offered to shoot a lot of money in advertising hairspray.But I believe that the real actress should go from maternity leave with a big role, not advertising.After reading the screenplay, I said to the producer, that if I shall be removed, only the main role.
Olga, you - and the actress in any theater does not serve.Why is that?
no desire.I do not like the theatrical life.I do not accept the dictates of the director.I own mistress.
This inner freedom allows you to deal with not only creative, but also charity.Tell us more about it.
Now I'm involved in the creation of a school for foster parents who are in need of psychological support in adoption of children.Interested in issues of children's homes: go there and provide the necessary assistance.Today to address the fate of children objectors.Being a famous person, I do everything in my power.
- And his 4-year-old son educate as well as your parents raised you?
no different.At home I rarely watch TV, I forbid your child to watch it.Showing Nahum only old Soviet films and cartoons, which brought up our generation.They're good, timeless and quality made.I think isolation from the modern TV will only give a positive result.
you know how to play several musical instruments.Son attached?
- We have Nahum dulcimer, flute, flute, glockenspiel and toy guitar, but he uses them, but the mood.I play all the keyboards, including the accordion.
Nahum goes to kindergarten?
No, his education at home.While I can not find kindergarten.That would suit me.

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