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Biography: Daniel Radcliffe

condition Dan is estimated at millions of dollars, and he did it can not learn how to spend it.Fame has not gone to his head.He believes that spending money in vain - is silly.Large sums of money from his account Dan takes only for charitable purposes.Older colleagues Dan say of him: "He's one of the nicest people.Movies success and worldwide recognition lean on him, but he always remained a man, a nice guy, and that height, which he won, not a way to turn his head. "
Dan admitted that he likes to write poetry, and wrote them a very long time.
From monkeys to the magician.
Daniel Radcliffe was born in London in the western region in 1989.His parents were closely connected with the creative elite of the city: Dad Daniel - Alan - worked one of the best literary agent, and his mother, Marsha worked selection of young actors.Only child, Dan was: quiet, with a good sense of humor, very quickly won over the senior.When Dan grew up, he was sent to study in a private school for boys, so he could get a better

education.But Radcliffe
study was given a little difficult, but it was not his fault, just a child, he suffered from dispraktsiey.It is a neurological disease that manifests itself in the fact that a person has is very difficult to plan their movements, for example, self-tying shoelaces, drive a car, as well as write.Since his illness was mild stage, the parents decided to send his son to cast a circle.Maybe the boy there and enjoy yourself distracted, and all will go only to him only benefit.Soon, however, this idea has become a plan for the future, and the son wanted to choose acting skills as the occupation in their profession.The idea of ​​parents is not so successful.Stage debut came when Dan played the monkey - it is he does not want to remember.
parents stopped criticizing his profession when Dan finally got his first role - it happened in 1999, when he starred in the movie "David Copperfield," where he played the famous illusionist in childhood, and a year later started shooting in the film "The Tailor ofPanama. "
Meanwhile, in America, the film crew looking for an actor for the film about a young wizard, almost desperate to find a performer for the lead role.The film's director inspected the 16 thousand youths in the main role, but found no one who could come up to this role.Quite by chance the director on the eye gets a series of series "Copperfield," where he played Dan.But now it was to convince parents Dan, let him go on trial over the ocean.When young Dan got on samples and examples of Harry Potter glasses, the group realized: the hero of the film to find.Now, the last word the author of Harry Potter, as she watched the recording exclaimed: "It is ideally suited for this role!Charming kid, I would have been able to even adopted, and not only adopted the role. "
in 2000, in late September, Deng went to the shooting.The first part of Harry Potter has brought Dan is not there some little popularity, and resounding fame throughout the world.In between filming, Daniel returned to his school and behaved like a normal child.
What are silent gentlemen.
Patronal attention from the girls' first calls Dan a surprise and then delight.The girls surrounded him, constantly met at the entrance to the hotel after the shooting the next film, guarded on walks.But the young Dan was not up to the novels.Note to think seriously about his personal life, it was not simple.Of course, the actor happened fleeting romance, but the relationship with your favorite soft-pedaled.His first sexual experience was at age 16, she was not much, but older.

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