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Tina Kandelaki, who is she?

In the hills of Georgia.
life and childhood Tina Kandelaki were held in Tbilisi.They lived with his family in a three-room apartment.
Tbilisi, Tina studied in Russian life.As a teenager, she was part of the category of girls that boys usually called friends.It has always been a friend, boys, friend, and had other princesses.And she wanted to be one of them.She always felt within himself such utter leggy blonde blue-eyed.
Essential creation.
When she was a freshman medical school, and then I heard about the casting on the Georgian TV channel.I went there and took it.So she began to work in television.His first live broadcast she remembers very well: all the leading journalists in the time left in Batumi Music Festival and the leadership of a certain TV channel was planted to frame one program.Then it is decided that the ether must carry out Tina.Her dad was totally against it because I thought that she will disgrace all the family.As a result, they decided: let me fail miserably, and I finally will b

e removed from the frame at all.As a result of what happened, but as a leader it still left.
During this ether Tina experienced probably the worst moment in my life.She was in a state where a tremor dimmed brain, and about anything you can not think silishsya remember two or three phrases learned by heart, and they crumble to pieces, and his head ringing loud emptiness.And during this ether in her head rang this emptiness in full.
And she remembers her first best when it learned strangers on the street.It was about eight in the morning, she walked the streets of Tbilisi, and two alcoholic ANY KIND then noticed her.When she reached them, one of them turned around, looked surprised eyes and said, "is that you?".And then she realized what he meant.
Moscow Saga.
first time in Moscow, she lived in the metro station "Kolomna", sitting in a rented apartment, trying to find a job on your ad.Or she called in different media.
first time in this city she was uncomfortable.She believes that Moscow has become its second half.
Lucky same people!
Tina is absolutely not jealous or anyone.Envy - a lot of weak people who can not realize their own ideas.She never will have problems with self-realization.While many things she Dov very hard, but in general it is by nature a man of struggle.Therefore it so necessary in life emergencies.He considers himself quite lucky, there is always a different threshold of luck.Just what I want in this life and all what I dream, and I would like to realize, she is sure to succeed, just need to believe and wait.And the most important thing.
Ideal Husband.
Tina sure that her husband was the perfect man.Because the woman who gives birth to two children by imperfect men, as they say, she Durra.And in that moment, when she and her husband Andrew had children, she remembers precisely, it is believed that the best candidate for the role of the father can not be.Just believe now.The strength of my husband that he can recognize their weaknesses.Only a strong man can say that he has a problem with money, with sex, with some solutions.
The secret ideal of family life?
She believes that the greater the distance between lovers, the stronger will be their love