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Stars of show business and their dogs

Owen Wilson.40 years.

Sometimes Garcia takes the dog to the shooting.The dog made friends with Vince Vaughn.Jackie Chan and Owen's other partners.
Owen loves women, and he pays attention to his dog more than any of the ladies.

Old dog lover.
He easily found the approach to Labrador in the film "Marley and Me" and this is not surprising.With dogs, Owen is friends since childhood - when he was a Dalmatian."Wayward was a dog, could not tolerate the leash - recalls the actor.- Once he tore to shreds clothes that my mother was drying in the backyard.My father wanted to give it to the farm, but I defended. "

faithful friend.
Today Owen dog breed Australian shepherd.Garcia more than 10 years, but an old friend, as you know, better than new ones.This is good and faithful dog.After Wilson tried two years ago to reduce their own lives, many turned away from him, but Garcia was always there.He still does not depart from the owner a single step.Both cheerful and active, Owen and Garcia together for a morni

ng jog, and even ride on a skateboard.

Jack Gyllenhaal.28 years.

lives with Reese Witherspoon and her two bulldogs - Coco Chanel French and English Frank Sinatra.
Having got two dogs, Jake showed his love for animals and literature.

As in the book.
actor have two dogs - German Shepherd Atticus and a cross between a pug and beagle Boo Radley.Jake thought of nicknames is not long - either he named after his favorite characters of the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

Together happy family.
Dogs Gyllenhaal differ not only in appearance, but also character.Nevertheless, they get along well with each other.The owner they doted, and Boo Radley so do not descend with it."When I look at my dogs, all the while smiling.They give me great joy, "- says the actor.

Orlando Bloom.32 years.

Translated from Arabic Sidi, meaning "lord."
Orlando rescued Labrador from starvation and found himself a loyal friend.

Alive trophy.
your dog Bloom four years ago brought from Morocco, where they filmed the movie "Kingdom of Heaven"."I saw a dirty, hungry puppy who ran down the street, trying to discourage camels scraps of food.I could not look at it and picked it up, "- says Orlando.At first he wanted to attach the dog to the familiar, but a few days attached to him and left him at home.

worthy host.
Like in a fairy tale about an ugly duckling, pathetic dog has grown and become purebred black Labrador.Now handsome Orly and Sidi, walk around Hollywood together, drawing glances of passersby.

Leonardo DiCaprio.34 years.

Leo and Gisele Bundchen were stunning couple, but today their relations resemble only old photos and dog Django.

dog lovers and music.
Leonardo and Gisele loved each other and dogs.She had three, and together they brought another - French Bulldog Django, which DiCaprio named after jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.When in 2005 the young people have left, the dog left the actor himself.

forgotten friend.
Django, if I could, probably would have complained to the owner - before he was shot with a bulldog for magazines, he took with him to the shooting, but, more importantly, find the time to engage with him.Now for Leo does his mother.Irmelin, by the way, has maintained warm relations with Gisele, and until she became pregnant, they sometimes walking their Django together.

Justin Timberlake.28 years.

One of the main breeders among the stars.Previously, he had two York now - two boxer.
Once Justin said that most zavedet one more dog than getting married.His opinion he may have changed, but the dogs did not love less.

wonderful family man.
Justin has repeatedly said that the dogs for him as children - they are his family.On their pets - boxers Buckley and Brennan - Timberlake is ready to talk more and more willing than women.Once asked about the storage kiss, and he said: "This kiss my boy Buckley.After that I had a feeling like I pour out of the shower. "

Dog family.
girlfriend Jessica Biel, Justin can not take these words at his own expense - they were told more before they met.It is possible that it is the stars converged on the grounds of love for their four-legged pets.Jessica has a pitbull Tina, who gets on well with Justin boxers.Couple walks all the dogs - a real family idyll!

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