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Alexei Yagudin, news

I'm always right!
- Alex, why did you decide to leave the amateur sport?
I planned again uchuvstvovat in the Olympics in 2012.To do this, I specifically had surgery on his hip.Now it is iron.But then I realized that to ride with him on such a high level games is not necessary.Although after the operation became easier to live - foot hurts.And before I could not even walk normally.But riding now understand that I can not go to the appropriate level.So, alas, I abandoned the idea of ​​participating in the Olympics near.
- will do what now?
I'm still in demand in my profession, but I want to try myself in a different capacity.I have already sung twice with Victoria Dayneko.Two years ago wrote a book, and in the summer played in the theater's satire "Vacation president" with Oscar Kuchera.He acted in the television series "My hot ice."Then he worked in the 8-part film, where he played a naval officer, and in the film about.World War I had an episode.Filmography is small but with something, well you nee
d to start!Therefore, I will delight the audience with his riding, not forgetting about other theater and music.
What sphere closest to you?
Cinema.The theater play is much more difficult - there is no second take.In the movie, as well as on the ice, created minispektakli, and there is reincarnation.And if I had to change the profession, I chose to film it.
- They say you know how to fly a plane.
It's true.Once I offered to sit behind the steering wheel.I agreed!And two days of summer!It is an exciting feeling.However, I do not like extreme.For example, a parachute jump will not.
- Now many people are passionate about the Internet search classmates.Is it interesting for you?
Never went to such sites - do not want to waste precious time on nonsense!I
many say that talking with me on these sites, but I was not even registered.I communicate with your friends without the help of the Internet.I - sociable person.
- You - an optimist?
Yes!I look at life positively!And when I feel bad, I go up to the mirror and smile at yourself or listen to music that is uplifting.
- Alex, you wrote an autobiography.What are you willing to go to achieve the goal?
In life, you can do everything.The main thing is not to step over the generally accepted standards of morality.In life you need to go through all the test - do not easily given.The man has always cherished its goal.And he should go to her.Generally, if you do not have hard-nosed - no one will become.So it'll be faceless.
- In the book you write that before forty years do not get married.
I am 29 years old.I'm still young, what would make this important step.Maybe 35 years to think about marriage.Children nurse is not ready - it's a big responsibility, and I am constantly on the road.
I do not support marriage - a sublime feeling is not determined by a stamp in the passport.If well together in love, the marriage registration - formality.And if I had a child, I do not consider this a reason to get married.
- Do you agree that the relationship tested by time?
Yes.If we talk about the relationship with the girls - now I am one.Neither one of them we never parted enemies.I like smart women, take off interesting to communicate.But if the girl is not sexually attracted to me, I can not live with her.We can only be friends.
- Alex, you were able to forgive infidelity?
No!I do not tolerate such a person near him.He will go out of my life forever.I will not listen to any excuses and explanations.