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Biography of actor Patrick Swayze

Patrick managed to everywhere and in a regular school and the ballet school, in sports.In college, he was considered a "sissy" because he was always and everywhere with her mother.Patrick was beaten for it at every opportunity, insulted, and he ran to her mother and complained.One day, tired of listening to Patsy resentment son, she sent him to do in the club of martial arts.And there he also showed his best side, Patrick began to respect in college.

biography of actor Patrick Swayze, began with the college.Now it is very difficult to imagine Patrick Swayze helpless boy ran to his mom for help.His confidence, slug rolling gait speaks volumes about the power of nature and the will of Patrick.He is confident, easy to cope with the difficulties that life brings him.At age 18, he first fell in love with a beautiful woman fifteen Lisa Niemi, who studied with him at the ballet school.Three years later, their whirlwind romance they married and then went to conquer New York.They literally immediately began t

o ascend the stairs star, starting with the musical "Diamond", where they received a standing ovation.At the height of glory, Patrick said his old knee injury, but Patrick was unmoved, holding back the pain he went out again and again to the stage to give pleasure to the spectators.But everything comes to an end sometime, and Patrick's career in ballet, too, came to an end, the doctor has forbidden to go on stage.

For Patrick Swayze, it was literally a death sentence, because in addition to the ballet, he could do no more.Here again come to the rescue of his mother, she reminded her son that when something bad he did not succeed to make movies.Patrick began carefully to learn the profession has a professional actor.Since he alone it can, to treat everything seriously and qualitatively.Just as soon as he is offered to star in the TV movie "North and South", where Patrick should play a young man who grew up in an ordinary family in the South, and later became general of the Confederate Army.After the resounding success of this picture, Patrick noticed the directors.

His appearance fascinated by women, it was Hollywood handsome, but his strikingly clean look, confident gait and charming smile, crazy.Certainly refined nature, he could not play, and the role of love epics or action movies were just be what is needed for Patrick.Due to the natural gift of seduction and inner strength, Patrick was invited to star in various films.

In 1979-1980 GGcame the first pictures with Patrick Swayze - "Renegades", "North and South", "The Bible.Part 1 and 2 ", after these pictures even more famous by Patrick.It literally tore apart the best directors in Hollywood, after the first victory was followed by others: "Outsiders" (1983), "Red Blood" (1984), "Young Blood" (1986).

grand success comes to Patrick after 7 years, when he was invited to a major role in the film "Dirty Dancing", where he plays a young dancer, training in one of the country holiday homes zhenushek and daughters of the rich and influential people dancing.Patrick accurately convey to the audience all the details of the character of the protagonist, from self-centeredness to the all-consuming love.From hatred of the rich people to humility and understanding that the rich people are very good people.He showed all the skill of the dance, its plastic fascinated and wondered how a man can be all at once.Love and hate, plastic and strength, roughness and tenderness.The film became a sensation in the late 20th century.In fact, every girl and woman would have to learn to dance this dance instructor.

After the release of the movie "Dirty Dancing."The address of Patrick Swayze and invitations poured in about the next filming of a movie."Immediate family members" (1989), "Road House" (1989), "Ghost" (1990), they brought more success to Patrick, but they were not dancing.And in no other film Patrick will not dance, will either love or fight.Still, his plastic and power helped Patrick to make movies without doubles.In fact, in all the films he performed all complex tricks, he said that it cleanses his soul and thoughts.

whole life Patrick was as a whole, he lived without thinking about tomorrow.He lived as if tomorrow will not be, at every moment for him was a whole.March 5, 2008 Patrick doctor announced that he had pancreatic cancer.But Patrick painfully gave up and fought as best he could with the disease, and even helped other cancer patients to believe in miracles.He often went to the meeting with the sick and talked with them for a long time, appeared on television, urging everyone not to put hands and fight for their lives, and the lives of loved ones.

19 April 2009 were found metastases in the liver.But he still did not give up, and next to him his whole life was a husband, Patrick maintained throughout.

September 14, 2009, Patrick Wayne Swayze died.In reviewing all of his films, we still love him and appreciate his work.He was a remarkable man, an example for many people!He appreciated the arts and lifelong love only one woman!

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