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Singer Maxim autobiography

Sister Act!
Through his older brother the singer Maxim not only a stage name, but a tattoo on his shoulder and belt in karate.Total other girls made their own.
Maksim (Marina Maximova) received two awards at the ceremony of MTV Russia Music Awards 2007 in the categories "Best performer of the year" and "Best Pop project."For the singer award was quite expected, since her debut album "Difficult age" sold over a million copies!But the singer to rest on our laurels is not going to.
Tell me, please, what do you like more - call or sms.
Neither - nor the other.Faster course, to phone, but I really love to write letters by hand.I love to receive them.By the way, all the songs I also write by hand.
It's not typical for a modern inhabitant metropolis!No friends with a computer?
Yes, I would be happy, just for some reason we had not find understanding.Besides, I used to worry about everything through the paper.So reliable.
Maybe your favorite subject in school was Russian.
Yes.And yet literature, histo

falls in love with the teachers?
No!Somewhere there was a rumor that my first love was science teacher.So, this is not true!Absolutely!Moreover, as we learned, we thought he was gay.Well, what about the feelings there to say ?!
You sing about love.And what are you in a relationship with men?
I naturally!This, in my opinion, the most important thing.I am not amorous and jealous.Now relations for me - a luxury I can not devote much time to the person who next.So while I'm alone.
What about your songs?This is fiction?
Not really.It is basically a personal experience that hedgehog somewhere in the past.As for the show-business, it is the environment in which I can do what I like and what you want.
And what men do you like?
is difficult to express in one word.Probably, I will not be original if I say that some inner strength to be in sight.He should be capable of doing.
This is probably a man aged.
Not necessarily.Age at anything.There are people who are already 20 years old is something of themselves represent them interesting.They are alive, they have something to eat, but much is yet to come.They have not forgotten how to dream.
Do you have a dream?
Yes.I guess I'd like to save the animals - endangered species.I love animals.
Do you have any pets?
No.Like I said, I love animals.But I do not have time to care for them.
say you are very hot-tempered and once even broke his sound engineer.
There are moments when I want to break the phone or something else.But I try to let off steam when people do not see.I'm afraid to offend those who are near.
As a child you went to karate.This scar on the bridge of the nose - the memory of that time?
So you want to lie!Saying that protects the weak and struggled in unequal battle.In fact, this is the usual scar children: fall, hit the table.
What still prompted you to go to karate?
I have an older brother Maxim.And lest we hung around, my mother enrolled me to the dance, and brother to karate.Our training took place in the neighboring areas, through the wall.Since the dance I do not like, I moved to another section to his brother.Mom found out that I got the belt in karate, only six months.
Do you consider yourself beautiful.
Well, nothing is so-so.But that's not the point.
And what is the tattoo on his right shoulder?
I did it when she studied at school.There was something so strange.Brother did and I decided too.
What are you Videsh in ten years?
Oh, it's a difficult question.I prefer not to think about.I know for sure that she would be porassuditelney and quieter.I do not want wasted.I want to be wise - that's for sure.