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How to teach a child to independence

I put forward a cot in the middle of the room, opened all doors and do household chores, occasionally shouting something out of the bathroom, the kitchen of the explanation, what I'm doing and how I will come.It is unlikely that the son knew the meaning of the words, but he was watching my movements around the apartment, I heard my voice calm and even agreed to wait a bit.

until the baby does not move on their own, you can try to take it a bright toy.Still standing at the first request to return the child to the nursery while your absence will not continue to be accompanied by the roar - the kid will know: my mother would come as soon as he would call.When our daughter sat down alone, the son was happy, because by the time the sister tried unsuccessfully to put the pyramid, knocking cans, and it is some no, but all the same game.But the two-year and six-month agreement was kids, of course, it is difficult, again needed help mom.The solution was found: I put them in the kitchen at the cabinet from which

the pre-took sharps and heavy grinder.Everyone was happy: kastryulek for romps was more than enough, and I could control the situation from time to time.

When a child begins to crawl, it is time for Mom greater freedom of movement.In the living room mom can allow little one to throw off the sofa cushions to get to magazines, in the kitchen - to play, for example, with wooden cooking utensils.These classes are very well develop fine motor skills, and everywhere my mother look after her baby without interrupting cooking dinner or cleaning the floor.


about years old, children begin with great joy my mother to perform simple assignments - include a cloth in the room, bring a spoon from the table, and so on. N. I want to remind the seemingly banal, but in fact an important truth: the work donefrom the ape man.So - Teach children to work!It's in us, adults and sometimes very tired people, homework does not cause much joy, and for the child everything is new, so do not miss the opportunity to please his new business at the same time and benefit the economy.First, children are able to wash yourself, brush your teeth and wiped his face with a towel, and secondly, they can lay the table: to bring or remove cups, plates, spoons, and third - to help her mother prepare meals: mold of cookie dough,apply oil, jars of salt, sugar, cereals, fourth - to dim her bed (after a few workouts do it!) and collect pillows, while mom pushes in the linen department of the sofa blanket.And children are happy to entertain guests, children at a time when the mother is drinking tea in the kitchen with the guests-parents.Of course, this list each of us can be adjusted at will.Naturally, it is easier to feed the baby itself or to put him on the potty, you give your loved offspring little more independence, and then wash it off in the bath smeared over the body of food or something worse.But believe me, the kid quickly acquire these simple skills as they gained a lot of generations of his ancestors.

LEARNING and play

Engine children's autonomy - is, of course, teaching the child new skills and different ways to interact with the surrounding objects.Having learned these skills and methods, the child will be able to use their own in the same or in some modified conditions - so say child psychologists and educators.And we teach kids to crawl, walk and run, but they have to learn and simple self-service - to use the potty, a broom to sweep the floor if nasoril, finding a handkerchief and wiped his nose and so on.. All these lessons kid learns better and faster ifto present them in the form of a game.For example, you teach the child to eat by yourself - get a spoon in his mouth.Sit next to the doll, which is easy to wash, and let the baby try it and "feed."Soon you discover that it is now a favorite child trying to feed yourself with a spoon all around him: dad, relatives, friends, and teddy bears.Such "feeding" is not only fixed receipt of a child a skill, but also make it more diverse gaming activities.

The baby is not overworked, and he was not bored, my mom have to make it in time for him to change occupation.And here it will work - one of the fundamental elements of the child.You can draw with a finger on the table shatters into flour, but you can - paint on a sheet of paper.You can grind and colored pencils, learn to use the eraser.You can get a box of clay and prepare the young sculptor workspace for modeling.I deliberately do not mention here the scissors and glue, because we are talking about classes and games without the mother.Plenty of exciting activity, they are certainly interesting half with his mother, but if she walked away for a moment, a minute, this is also not pass in vain.

Our family favorite thing - drawing on a large sheet of paper.I sharpen pencils, drawing paper laid out on the floor, and then we choose the theme for drawing, for example, Africa, and I draw the outline map of Africa.Children with great enthusiasm draws the details (pyramid, rivers, deserts).Play African animals or doctor Dr. Dolittle on homemade cards to children is much more interesting than the purchase, the more that we can always to finish the missing objects.Offering a child a particular activity, do not forget to take into account its level of development and, in particular, the willingness to self-employment, if the baby has just started walking, almost all of his time is taken up by this new skill games and other activities can go to the second plan.Older child needs to be reminded what work and activities are waiting for him during the day, he learned to plan their free time - the more valuable and long-awaited time for him to be independent games.And most importantly - the child must understand that he is doing something himself, he already helps parents and it is very important to them.Well, if it is a day just quietly doing their own thing and did not interfere with my mother, and swept the floor, washed the dishes, came up with a new game for the younger sister, he - is brilliant!

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