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Postpartum depression and how to cope with it

Causes Depression

Postpartum depression is difficult treatable, it can not be taken lightly.After birth, a woman's body is experiencing a serious stress, adjustment and begins another hormonal changes.Often it is these changes and affect the mental state.

addition, depression may be the cause of excessive load.Of course, preparing to become a mother, she is well aware that with the advent of the baby in her life has changed a lot.She is ready to take care of the child, to take care of his health and development.Most often, women believe that the power of love and care will help your child grow docile and calm.However, such expectations are not always met.Restless and sickly child can cause the mother to disappointment if not, then to a sense of guilt and constant anxiety.This becomes a cause of postpartum depression.

addition, affect the emotional state of the mother may be other factors - strained relationship with her husband or relatives, lack of some things or the means to maintain a comfortabl
e existence, increased responsibilities, new responsibilities, lack of time for themselves and entertainment.All this can lead to depression, but maybe not.There are simple techniques that will help you to enjoy motherhood and not suffer from unpleasant feelings.

How to avoid depression

postpartum depression is difficult to predict.It can be absolutely happy woman have or may not be from that which is in a difficult situation.It depends on the character of a young mother, her health and outlook on life.However, even the most invincible optimists are not immune to depression.

1) Do not build plans on the nature of the child and his behavior before the birth of the baby.
Unjustified expectations for your child are most often the cause of postpartum depression.Your child can be anything, it has the right to be different - once obedient and cheerful once moody and restless.Be prepared for the fact that your relationship will be difficult moments, but a place for smiles and always a joy.

2) Prepare yourself for the responsibility for the child
Young mothers are entitled to help from relatives.But in life anything may happen.What young mother in the family which works even grandma and babysitting assistance for some reason can not?Only the handle itself.Unfortunately, many women find themselves after childbirth without adequate support, and do not receive any assistance, which is calculated.Well, if your expectations are met and your loved ones will take an active part in the upbringing of the baby.If this does not happen, learn to manage yourself.

3) Plan your day
Often young mothers say they do not have time to absolutely nothing.However, if you look on their shoulders rests not no super-task, which can not be overcome.While the child is small, he sleeps most of the time, and my mother have time to do the cleaning, go to the store next door to cook dinner.In addition, there will be time and wash and rest.When the child grows up, you learn to adjust his daily routine so that it was convenient to you, that is, the sleepless nights will be left behind.By the way, to sacrifice sleep for the sake of domestic affairs is not necessary.If your baby did not sleep at night, they do not get enough sleep and you.Try to set aside for co-sleeping time during the day to relieve fatigue and restore power.Fatigue also affects the emotional state.

4) Do not focus on the child
Another reason why women feel depressed emotional state - it is the monotony of life.For a while, you will only deal with the baby, will restore power, but after a couple of months, this state of affairs will cease to hold many.Do not deny yourself the pleasure to go to the cabin at night, when a child can watch one of the relatives, meet friends and do not forget to walk more with the baby.

Postpartum depression - a serious illness that can ruin the pleasure of communicating with your baby and affect other aspects of life.Therefore, the first appearance of a depressed emotional state, well, do not write off this happened, analyze what caused the depression and remove it.As a rule, timely intervention and correction of attitude to yourself, your child will help you overcome the difficulties.