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What is postpartum depression?

Firstly, this condition is associated with a sharp restructuring of the body.He is nine months was set on childbearing, and now he has to direct all our efforts on the production of milk.

Second, emotional and psychological mood of the mother.A woman looks forward to the birth of your little baby, think about what it will be lovely.But that appearance in the child's home - it is also the endless troubles, chronic lack of sleep, at least at first, once relegated to the background.That appears postpartum depression.

Third, out of nowhere, the belief in various superstitions and omens, have seemingly distrusting them before women.Unbaptized child - do not share with anyone.Sometimes it comes to that the natural parents are not allowed on the threshold.Ah, the bird knocked at the window, something is bound to happen to a child ... But the birds fought in the window before and nothing happened, maybe they just hungry and looking in the window of midges.Well, then do not get depressed.
There are several ways
to avoid postpartum depression or even flatten it.

woman necessarily initially needed an assistant.Let not help with the baby, not every woman is still entrust their child to someone, even if it is a very close person.But for cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, etc.young mothers often lack, neither the strength nor the time.This is where you will need assistance to households.

Just to cope with postpartum depression need to try to distract the young mother from all sorts of myths, beliefs and superstitions.Do not let her get hung up on them, finding the whole explanation.

Do not pay attention to the extra weight.Once you stop breastfeeding, you are sure to prefer to introduce themselves and their figure back to normal.And most women this is even possible, and do not need.Kilograms go away by themselves.After taking care of the baby, walking, frequent awakening at night, it helps to reduce weight.

And do not forget about his beloved !!!Though sometimes be selected in shopping trip, a beauty salon!Then you will never have the question, "What is postpartum depression?".

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