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How to reduce the pain of childbirth, breathing

Pain barrier at all different.Soreness delivery depends on individual sensitivity threshold, the duration of delivery and the flow of the spirit moms.In the intensity of pain can affect the size and position of the fetus, the strength of uterine contractions, the experience of previous births.Negative emotions and fear of childbirth increase the pain.This leads to a certain loss of balance, increased nervousness.
Even in ancient times attempted to save a woman from the labor pain.In obstetrics we used various kinds of suggestions.The shamans and sorcerers tribes expel demons of pain piercing new mothers ears, noses and crying at the same time spell.In highly developed ancient civilizations - Egypt, China - to reduce pain in childbirth using hypnosis.Oriental healers, midwives used for pain tincture of mandrake, opium poppy, cannabis and alcohol.
Today, the choice of foreign and domestic techniques psychoprophylaxis pain is rich enough.The classes in the centers preparation for childbirth you can recommen
d exercise therapy, breathing exercises, ultraviolet irradiation, oxygen cocktail, hypnosis, suggestion, auditory training.Group lessons spends Methodist instructor controlled obstetrician.First recommendation cause distrust: how is it possible at pains to make themselves feel good emotions?Moreover, you will wonder about the findings of scientists that a high concentration of endorphins, despite the severe pain and injury, the laboring woman brings a sense of happiness and satisfaction.Nevertheless endorphins - it's really a natural anesthetic.To make the process of giving birth most fortunate for you and your baby, you need to tune in to the natural childbirth and to seek what is right for you.To select the best technique for your lifestyle, then the match will be the maximum.
This system is very popular in our country and is widely practiced throughout Europe, the USA, South America, Africa.Having mastered the technique psychoprophylaxis Dr. Lamaze, a trained woman fearlessly awaiting delivery.She studied their mechanism during battles will consciously relax the muscles in response to the pain of a special way of breathing, learn to save the required amount of oxygen for the mother-fetus and "divert" attention from their expectation of pain. The ability to recognize the start, peak and end of each bout will timeto relax between contractions and retain power. The method is well suited rational and efficient women who are in the process of the birth of the baby will be active, focused and confident of success, but not passive and helpless pain. Supporters Lamaze technique allow the use of anesthesia and obstetric techniques, as well asthe presence and help of her husband or mother mothers, if necessary in the process of childbirth.
intuitive approach to leave the French obstetrician Michel Auden also applies to natural methods. Found prosperous state of mind helps the flow of labor. Michel Odent pays special attention to the careful attitude of staff to the emotionalAs a pregnant woman.Therefore, I believe that we should follow the path of reviving the role of experienced professional midwives and increase their numbers.Home capacity of assistant in childbirth - the ability to behave to a woman in labor felt safe.