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Preparing pregnant women for childbirth

I did not attend any training courses for pregnant women for childbirth.Only had one lecture at the women's clinic.But, although it was interesting, but due to the fact that sit on the couches were normal so uncomfortable that I could not really remember everything, and all the insight.That's what I remember well from this lecture, it's breathing technique.Which, of course, and used during childbirth.Of course, I, like many other pregnant women, break a lot of information on preparing for childbirth.And now to the point.

I'm not afraid of giving birth, as many pregnant women.I understood that this does not go, it's still going to happen.I did not listen to horror stories about childbirth.Most of my friends, and my mother and older sister did not tell anything wrong about his birth.And I realized that I needed a mindset.The mood that is all good.What I can "do it."

When the fight began, I quietly went to the shower, brought himself up.My husband took me to the hospital.At birth, I remembered the breathi
ng technique.Although, you know, every woman she understands how to breathe as easily.But it is not necessary to shout, that's for sure.Creek only delays the process of birth and makes things worse and the mother and child.I cried, I was breathing loudly!And always I thought it would be more painful.Maybe it helped me, too.As expected, the more intense the pain, then the pain that you feel at the moment, does not seem intolerable.And when the baby lay down on your chest, so all the pain and all at once forgotten.

Well, still, of course, should prepare in advance everything you need to take with you to the hospital.Since the majority of births did not begin in the calculated time, which should not undermine your peace of mind.Learn in advance in your chosen hospital list of the necessary things for the mother.Collect the bags and put somewhere closer.

So, girls, do not be afraid of giving birth !!!One has only to suffer quite a bit, and here it is, the long-awaited meeting with your crumbs!Is not that what you wanted?

Elena Romanova , especially for

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