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Postpartum depression: Treatment

1. After birth, when the child is born, the family added hassle away and depression.In order not to feel "ride a horse", my husband and distribute household duties.
2. It is useful sometimes to leave the baby in dad and go for a walk, meet up with friends or just take a walk alone.
3. Talk about your fears and feelings!With friends who are already mothers, with her husband, and, of course, with my mom!
4. Do special exercises aimed at relaxation and positive.With the help of these exercises cure depression will be faster.For example:
- If you are tired.Take a comfortable position for you, let go of all thoughts, close your eyes.Imagine a place where you would have liked to be in the moment.How is cozy, warm ... This might be the seashore, a clearing in the forest, her parents' house - any place where imagination takes you! "Stay the little dream, completely relax and gain strength.Perhaps the first time you will not relax completely, but eventually you learn and mentally it will be easier.

- Take a sheet of paper and draw a depression in the form of a collage.Anyway, you know how to draw or not, put in a drawing of all that you have become painful.And then - burn, tear, while imagining that just disappears your bad mood.

- Go to the mirror and start to laugh.Korch currently faces, remember something funny.Force yourself to smile!Let the first and the second time will be feigned smile - it does not matter!You will see that on the third time she had there itself!

- If you do not have someone to talk to about their problems, get a so-called "black" notebook in which you record all sore.Carry it with you always, and as soon creeps into your head "dark" thought instantly splashes it on paper.

And most importantly - do not be discouraged!Depression after childbirth can and should be cured!After all, you now have a great incentive to life - your child!Share with him your warmth, care, often think of the good - and the smile you definitely will return!

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