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Birth of first child

Now Nowadays, many women leave childbirth was during this period of their lives.Scientists have proven that late pregnancy and childbirth rejuvenate a woman's body.On the recommendation of how to look good woman, regardless of her age, the actress Sophia Loren just called to give birth rebёnochka 40 years.Angelina Jolie and Madonna, the stars of our time, and gave birth to their first child, being in the middle-aged.

So birth in middle-aged women rejuvenate the body.

Professor of US John Mirowski, who worked at the University of Texas for a long time tried to answer the question - when is best to give birth to her first child?He cited strong evidence that the most normal woman's age for the first pregnancy is not the same as the opinion which was considered the best before.This age, according to the professor, is 34 years.It was during this period of life and the health of financial stability woman reaches a certain ratio, which allows the most to make this important step.

Of course, in Western count
ries, where early and spontaneous pregnancy is discouraged by society, women enthusiastically embraced this assertion.Because women of the 21st century has long been accustomed to relying on the stronger sex about their welfare, and therefore they primarily think about the career of their own housing, and in the last - of the family.There also are cases when a woman is only after 30 years is an ideal partner is a good time to think about the child.And so not nice to know that the ideal age for what would become a mother, was left behind.So, never too late to give birth.

Of course, this theory and a lot of enemies.But if you think, rational planning of the birth of first child is less common than spontaneous confluence of circumstances which affect the event.Because all calculations of when to give birth to their first child, leaving only the prerogative of the researchers, rather than the average citizen.The conclusion that can be made with confidence: never too late to give birth, if it is, a woman willing and able.

was conducted poll of Russians and that 61% of men between the ages of 19-24 have called the best years for the birth of their first child.The main positive point for this age, men are also considered excellent physical condition and good health of the woman.They argue this way: "The older the woman, the greater the likelihood of any abnormalities, the ability to acquire new disease, old disease becomes chronic, and this adversely affects the fetus.Although it is proved that the later children are much smarter and more talented than normal children. "

solidarity with them women - 49% who believe that "this is the best age - not too early and not too late, because the body is fully formed and ready for the birth of the baby," "bring forth than before - the greater the opportunity to keep youth".

«To give birth is necessary if women are able to make a child a normal and full life" - say 37% of people who believe the best for the birth of first child between the ages of 25-30 years.It is for this age is characterized by the awareness of responsibility throughout the birth and upbringing of the child.Since the woman has already taken place at this age as a person has acquired higher education and, therefore, can provide a stable future for the child.

But the choice always remains a woman, as in the case of spontaneous pregnancy generally.

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