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Daughter Dmitry Peskov boasted smiling cavalier

Other Instagram-shots are particularly attracted the attention of huge expensive bouquets that punctually flash in microblogging.The other day in one of the photos showed Lisa Peskov and prospective donor gorgeous colors.A young man named Yuri, as stated by Lisa friends with her always ulybchiv.



Because demonstration of luxury living at Lisa Peskov collapsed wave of criticism of detractors.Like, it is not proper to go to Europe at a time when Europe dictates Russian ultimatums and does not want to remove the sanctions.But that did not stop her daughter a senior official at the time to visit Paris and recently celebrated a birthday in Venice girlfriend and soon relatives - Sasha Zilina, the eldest daughter skater Tatiana Navka.

Daughter Peskov in Venice

Daughter Peskov rest abroad

Recall that according to the latest news, wedding, Dmitry Peskov, and Tatiana Navka is scheduled for this summer, but none of the entourage, including Lisa, who really became friends with Tatiana, do not make any hint of a more precisethe date of an important


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