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Home delivery: the meaning of the danger

home births - meaning and danger.
In this experiment, as a home birth are usually those couples who have a special attitude to life.They perceive pregnancy not as terrible disease, and birth - certainly not as a transaction.Those women who have decided to give birth at home, absolutely do not accept the practice of management of labor, which is installed in hospitals: puncturing the bladder, so that the water broke, pain relief, stimulation, perineal incision, cesarean section, or pulling the baby using forceps, etc..These women want to give birth naturally in a quiet, calm atmosphere, where they would be surrounded by people close to her.Undoubtedly, home births are much more comfortable hospital births!Personal bed next to a bathroom, playing soft music, light a little muffled, or even burn the candle ... While mommy future home surrounded by bacteria that the body accustomed to it.

However, be aware that women who decide to give birth at home goes to great risk.You can take a risk if the pregnancy

complications did not arise, if the hospital is located near or even far from your home, if, if something goes wrong, if an ambulance would agree to stand at the door, and finally if you haveabsolute confidence that everything will be fine.It must be remembered that in a dysfunctional outcome in childbirth at home the whole responsibility falls only on you!

For those who expect first-born, is not recommended to give birth at home.Because it is believed that much more difficult following the first birth.In addition, a woman who is pregnant for the first time, it is hardly imagines the birth process and the difficulties that can happen.

first thing you need to do a woman being pregnant - is to enroll in a good course to prepare future fathers and mothers.These courses support the two options of delivery.In the preparatory courses provide information about pregnancy, about how to proceed childbirth, how to care for a child in the first days of his life and the status of the mother after childbirth.There you can get coordinates of obstetricians and even personally acquainted with them.

before home delivery must be checked by a doctor - Is the location of the fetus by ultrasound, test cord, consider all the risk factors.Since many of the complications is possible to provide in advance!Discuss with your doctor whether there is a likelihood of premature birth or a caesarean section in your case.

At the end I would like to note that hospital births are not as bad as people talk about it.Find a good hospital with doctors and medical staff attentive, with a separate chamber - it is possible the problem, especially if the woman lives in the city.Nowadays there are a huge number of maternity homes where the father of the future will be invited to attend the birth of the child, and even cut the umbilical cord, a woman in labor in a hospital will be able to take any position that is convenient for her during labor.Mother offering the baby immediately to the breast.However, for deliveries in such good conditions, you will have to pay a decent amount of money.

As in childbirth in the hospital and in the home birth has its own pros and cons, because they do not know how everything goes.The choice is always yours, but also do not forget that the responsibility lies on you also!