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Umbilical cord blood: cases of

from anything so do not want to protect the child from both diseases.Of course, they can not ever erase from our lives.Timely vaccination, quality food, sports and fresh air help to strengthen the protective function of the body.But insurance against serious diseases allow the stored cord blood stem cells.

biological insurance.

you probably already heard about stem cells.To learn how to use them to treat anemia, diabetes, hepatitis, autoimmune disease, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.Today there are more than 70 diseases that can be cured with stem cells.
unique action of stem cells due to their nature.They - the "trunk", which gives rise to "branches" - all organs and tissues of the body.Getting into an adult organism, stem cells themselves are damaged organ and turn it to the right amount of healthy cells of the appropriate type.Scientists believe that in the near future can be grown from stem cells for transplant organs.The first step has been taken: at the beginning of this year in Spain, a

woman successfully transplanted trachea, grown in the laboratory.A person who has in reserve Cryobank's own stem cells in case of illness, has a unique biological insurance.And the best way to date to receive it - to collect cord blood at the birth of the baby.

Why is cord blood?
Here are five reasons why it is necessary to collect her at the hospital:
1. The content of stem cells in cord blood is 10-12 times higher than in the bone marrow.
2. Cord blood stem cells are divided into 8-10 times more active.This means that they can quickly cope with the disease.
3. The procedure of collecting umbilical cord blood is safe for mother and baby, as
passes without physical contact with them.
4. The most ethically and economically feasible method of obtaining stem cells.Take advantage of these benefits can only be once in a lifetime - immediately after birth.

Just imagine valuable biological medicine that can help not only the child, but also other family members, in most cases simply thrown away.Meanwhile, in the world pay great attention to it.For example, players of the English Premier League have kept the umbilical cord blood of their babies cryobanks in Liverpool and London.In doing so, they not only take care of their future, but also secured a valuable medicine for recovery after injuries.

Healthy Children - Healthy Nation.
Developed countries are trying to ensure the collection of umbilical cord blood everywhere.For example, in the US there are about 200 cryobanks, which include private and public.The purpose of the latter - to collect as many samples to make them available for the treatment of patients with similar genetic characteristics.

Collecting cord blood is public support in Japan, Europe and other powers with a developed health system.
Find suitable bone marrow donor can be expensive and difficult.When your bank cord blood is stored, it is available at any time.And the cost of collecting, storing and isolating cord blood is cheaper than the stem cells from the bone marrow and blood.

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