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Olga Buzova after filming the director of "real boys" rest in Turkey

And celebrate the completion of filming of the show "Beads" Olga Buzova humbly waiting for the court audience her acting talent in full swing preparing for the holiday.Although the date of the show on TNT still unknown, Buzov fans dare to hope for a great result.The series "Beads" filmed talented director Jeanne Kadnikova and its offspring "real boys" among the best domestic sitcoms.

advantage of a "window" in their own work schedule, Olga Buzova thoroughly approached the preparation for the rest: pampered salon hair care, corrected eyebrows and eyelashes.A detailed record of the presenter, of course, made in Instagram.

Since the beginning of the summer microblogging Olga Buzov blossomed "fotospamom" from solar Belek, telling all the latest news from home.Star managed to defile in a bathing suit, tanned body and boasts Defined press, photo throw a party, do not forget to advertise glasses and evening dresses of their own design.To get to the sea as Olga wrote, in the early days could not l

eave ... But no doubt that the couple enough time to enjoy each other!