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Victoria Beckham told about a new pregnancy

recently visited Victoria at the ceremony, the prestigious CFDA, which responded to a few questions of journalists.In particular, reporters, like many fans Beckham interested in the question - is not planning any new Victoria pregnancy.David's wife answered clearly on the issue of the fifth child in the family:

I have fulfilled the norm.

Thus, the latest news about the pregnancy, Victoria Beckham is in no way are encouraging fans of the famous pary.Vmeste so after the birth of David Beckham Harper said that would be glad to the birth of another child:

We could have another, ortwo children will never know for sure.We do not plan it, but if it happens, fine.

Victoria and David Beckham to save the marriage for the sake of children

After the first few years of marriage, the couple are on the verge of divorce.In numerous media rumors about the change of the famous football player with his assistant.David swore that there was nothing but noise in the press did not cease, and she painted the assistant

in an interview all the details of the novel with the famous athlete.

Victoria has behaved in this situation very wisely, decided to save their marriage.The woman stated that he believes his muzhu.Vskore after the scandal and reconciliation Beckham was born the third child and the pair played a symbolic second wedding.At the same time at the hands of spouses appeared tattoo with the word "all over again."

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