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Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya become parents

Apparently, Vladimir Presnyakov overcame so strong emotions that a photograph he was able to sign a short but very capacious phrase:

Our happiness

No more information young daddy did not leave, so even the fans do not know exactly - who stillHe holds a boy or a girl.

followers, despite the early morning, already hard congratulate Natalia and Vladimir with the birth of the baby.Just one hour under fasting appeared almost six thousand "likes".Someone even wanted healthy little Artyom.But whether born Artyom V. Presnyakov, or spouse will crumbs some other name, we will know very soon.

Natalie Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov dreamed about a child nine years

The pair have been together for ten years.In 2010, Natalia and Vladimir officially got married and then got married.All the years that the lovers live together, they dreamed of a child, but nothing worked.

In January this year, Vladimir Presnyakov could not remain silent and shared in his blog good news that Natalia was pregnant.One can only g

uess how happy the couple were expecting a baby.

Natalia occasionally indulge their subscribers photos in Instagram, where her stomach is gradually increasing.Last "pregnant" picture was published two days ago.She asked the subscribers will about how much they scored kilograms during pregnancy.At the very Natalia on Friday it turned out 11.3 kg.

In a recent interview, Podolsky said that her husband is very kind to her, especially now:

Volodya me very caring, especially now.I am now hard to bend over all falls out of the hands.Once again, that I do not tilt, it will do everything for me.I feel the shoulder, it is nonsense, a trifle, but nevertheless

Incidentally, shortly twin sister Natalia Julianna also become a mother.In the US we determined that the girl waits of two daughters.