The basic rules of a healthy lifestyle

first rule - proper nutrition .
healthy balanced diet - this is very important.Only you will eat properly and in time, will feel the improvement in their health.The human body is designed so that you can, eat foods that are useful and helpful, the body will live an active life and get the calories.An example of a harmful and useless products is fast food.There is nothing wrong if you ate some fries and a burger, but if you eat this food every day, then all this will lead to obesity, decrease the total activity and change the composition of blood.

What is a healthy diet?Approximately 65% ​​of the daily diet should be porridge, bread, fruit and vegetables.Somewhere in the 30% given to the fish, meat, eggs and dairy products.Only a small space is not more than 5% for sweets and fats.

to the body to function properly you need about 2 liters of liquid a day.This does not mean that every day a pour two liters of water needed.Useful in your diet will include as many vegetables and fruits, which include wate

r, vitamins and nutritional additive.Admission of fruits and vegetables daily optimizes internal organs and improves the complexion.

second rule - a healthy sleep.
is known to all that sleep is an essential element of good mood and well-being.Many people believe sleep good medicine, and women, some are convinced that the source of beauty sleep.Dream - an important condition of the brain, it is necessary to make it strong and healthy.About a third of people suffer different sleep disorders or insomnia, which hinder the restoration of health and night rest.However, the defective sleep can adversely affect human health.

Doctors believe that sleeping adult, you need 7-8 hours to feel cheerful to relax and not go sleepy during the day.Time to relax and prepare for sleep most favorable is between 22 and 23 hours.At this time the body is relaxed, you can easily fall asleep, the nervous system relaxes.By this time, to sleep was the best, you need to stop the physical and mental work.

third rule - to engage in sports.
Women regular exercise is even more important than sport for men.Many problems with the state of health, appearance and health can be solved with a simple fitness and gymnastics.And if you regularly engage in fitness, classes will help restore and maintain a slim figure.At the same time you get rid of excess weight, improve your mood and health.

When you feel that you work and at home and then irritated over trifles, try to visit the gym more often.Those people who are constantly involved in sports are less prone to stress different.

According to many experts, systematic sports activities to help prevent cancer, including breast cancer.This argument is enough to buy a ticket immediately to the fitness center.

Classes regular fitness also affect the quality of sex and your sexuality.And then, sorry, comments are superfluous.

And in the end it should be said, and this is proven by numerous studies, regular fitness prolong life.

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