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Juna Davitashvili died in Moscow, without regaining consciousness

Two days Joon was in a coma, she died today.

ambulance took her straight to the Arbat - she went to a nearby house to the store to buy food, and there she became ill.

A few days ago she was brought out of the hospital, which was operated on, began to have serious problems with blood, she almost did not circulate - hands were icy, like a dead

Juneau (real name - Eugene Yuvashevna Davitashvili) was 65 years, and hisbirthday she lived only six weeks.

Sadalsky Stas, who was friends with Juno, I'm sure that in fact it was actually dead last fourteen years.Then, in 2001, the only son died tragically healer, Vakhtang.After his son's death life has lost all meaning for a woman:

... she had long been dead, she is dead then together with Vakhtang - the soul, the body - not living, and living out, the energy of it is gone, it is not treated can quickly blinded.

Chekhov seems to be said that a man dies as often as he loses once dear to him lyudey.Gibel son Joon did not survive.

Among those who helped Joon,

a lot of famous people, from heads of state and ending international artists.SEEING A famous healer visited at different times of Leonid Brezhnev, Boris Yeltsin, Pope John Paul II, Ilya Glazunov, Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert De Niro, Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni and many others.

there is no information about when will be a farewell to June, where it will be buried and clairvoyant.Latest news emerged that the organizational moments engaged in Andrey Malakhov.With certainty we can say that a woman will be buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky next to her beloved son Vakhtang.

tragedy with his son took the life of the Juna Davitashvili

Vakhtang was the only son of a clairvoyant.Between them there was always mutual understanding and friendship.When the young man was 26 years old, he got into an accident: front of the car, behind the wheel of which was Vakhtang, ran across the pedestrian.To avoid collision, the young man turned the wheel and crashed into another car.The passengers of the second vehicle were not injured, and his son appeared Juna multiple injuries: a broken collarbone, spine injuries, bruising of the head.

healer not trust his son's doctors, and for a whole month nursed Vakho using their own techniques of Therapeutic Touch.Juna did the impossible - in three months the guy stood up and was able to walk on crutches.Feeling better, Vakhtang went to the bath, without telling anyone.The load was too strong for the body has not got stronger, and two days later the man died from cardio-vascular dystonia.