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How to lose weight on the vegetables for 2 weeks

So how to lose weight on the vegetables for 2 weeks?And we prepare for this wonderful soup.

We need five medium onions, tomatoes five (fit and canned), three sweet pepper and celery in any manifestation.

Next, finely chop the onion, shinkuem cabbage, peppers and tomatoes cut into rings and celery - diced.Fill the vegetable mixture with six liters of water, bring to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes on low heat.Important: Do not add salt, spices do not add!After cooking, all can be mixed in a blender.The result was a nourishing soup.To change or remove ingredients are not recommended.If someone does not like onions, cook it whole, then remove.The main component of the soup is celery.It was he who burns fat.So do not skimp putting it as much as possible.Boiled celery delicacy, but a couple of weeks, you can be patient.

body to become accustomed to the new menu, you can start with a half-portion.And cook soup every other day, gradually increasing the "dose".The soup can be eaten in any quantity and at a

ny time, but three hours before bedtime - do not eat (in the morning may appear edema).

Diet is transferred very easily.It not only reduces the weight but amounts.That is important.Of course, you can not guarantee a particular result.Someone pohudeet eight kilograms, some four.It depends on the individual.Fat people lose weight faster.And the owners will be happy to medium build and dumped four kilograms.But most importantly, hard to achieve the goal.The first 2-3 days of hunger will not get bored.Then the body gets used to the new diet.From such adjustment may be slightly head ache.But do not worry, it will pass quickly.In the early days of the vegetable soup actively removes excess fluid from the body, in this regard are frequent urges.Therefore, the diet is better to go into a day off to work weekdays to lose weight body used on vegetables and not spoiling your workplace.

vegetables to lose weight in 2 weeks, do not immediately jump immediately to a familiar food.Otherwise, all kgs to return to their seats.To labor is not in vain, include the daily diet of more vegetables, fruits, cheese, boiled fish and chicken breast.Output from the diet should be gradual.A minimum of seven days.By following these recommendations, you secure the achieved results.

Schedule diet:

Day 1: soup and plenty of fruit (except bananas).We drink water and unsweetened tea.

Day 2: combine soup with green vegetables (leafy fresh or canned).It should refrain from beans, corn and green peas.For dinner, perfect baked potato, seasoned with vegetable oil.

Day 3: soup, do not forget about fruits and vegetables.But without potatoes.

Day 4: soup, vegetables, fruit (bananas +) and low-fat milk.

Day 5: soup, tomatoes and a bit of boiled beef.

Day 6: unchanged soup, vegetables (especially leafy), boiled veal.

7th day: soup, brown (unpolished) rice with vegetables, fresh fruit juice.

In the second week you need to gradually add familiar to us, but useful products.

advantage of this diet is a gentle treatment.

Bon appetit!

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