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Selection of women's accessories


First of all accessories must match the style with the dress and hairstyle.For example, jogging suit can not be combined with massive luxurious decorations and a strict business suit will not look solid, combined with flashy jewelry more appropriate at the beach.

However, mixing different styles has always been important.But in order not to make a mistake, it requires impeccable taste and sense of style.If you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to abandon questionable experiments, not to look ridiculous and absurd.Precious stones, precious metals, rare reptiles luxury skin, rich fur combined with evening dresses.Simple low-key decorations and strict laconic bags, scarves and shawls are suitable for a business suit.In choosing the best sports accessories to favor comfort.


is essential that selection of accessories to one or another along based on the selection of colors.If you do not want to look like a traffic light, or bed, do not mix green and yellow, red and purpl
e, pink and blue.

classic color combination known to everyone - black and white, black and red, orange and white.If your dress is made in dark colors, bright accessories to decorate it, and if he spotted a pretty outfit, then in addition to fit things calm pale tones.It is worth recalling that the accessories look good if they are all in one color.On black dress would look good red shoes, but do not take over the white bag - will motley outfit.


Among other things, the choice of accessories - it is also the choice of a suitable form.In a cut dress is always a certain dominant lines, which dictate the choice of forms and accessories.For example, V-shaped neckline of the dress allows you to select a rectangular bag, long earrings.Round neckline - necklaces, coinciding with the shape of the cut and circular or oval bag.If the figure attire present polylines or suit a sophisticated cut, then the accessories can be unusual shapes.

important not to forget the size.With the voluminous long dresses should not be worn too big or too small bags, earrings, pendants.Accessories must balance contradictions in the dress, to focus on something one.

beyond bounds

In many ways, the overall impression of your image will depend on the number of selected accessories.Sometimes it is quite a brooch and correctly selected bags.Critics and designers believe that the accessories less the better.Studded bracelets, flashy big earrings, watches, necklaces, and bag-bag in conjunction with each other will not do any girl and decorate any one outfit.

Stick classic combinations before you learn to experiment and try not to try to put all the best at once - it looks matter.

range of accessories - an incredibly complex process.It is here that women may be more mistakes in an effort to look attractive and stand out from the crowd.You should know that real diamonds always better glass imitations and modest necklace of freshwater pearls sleeker than the massive decorations "in gold."Avoid platitudes, then you get all the best to emphasize that you have.

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